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Consequently, we are reverting to our slightly archaic yet highly personalized accounting methods.
The archaic primates were very successful.
It sounds archaic, but I really enjoyed college.
Seasonal adjustment seems to have been applied in a crude and archaic fashion.
The Neanderthal achieved similar ability, remaining archaic in form to the end.
He persisted in the archaic belief that swallows wintered at the bottom of lakes.
The spelling of the quarto text is more archaic than that of the first folio.
There is something chivalric and archaic about this form of political courage.
Of course primitive cultures have archaic structures and practices.
With archaic humans, culture changed very slowly.
These features of the dream-work may be called archaic.
The roughness of the archaic foundations looked stronger and larger in scale for the refinement and certainty of the arcade.
As databases became more intuitive and simpler to use, library instruction in the use of archaic tools was no longer needed.
If that means employing discretion around archaic or racist terms, so be it.
Recording broke down barriers between cultures, but it also placed more archaic musical forms in danger of extinction.
The form you wish to believe in is archaic and almost certainly not what was intended.
Patients deserve more than archaic research performed on chimpanzees.
There are plenty of archaic mindsets out there that refuse to accept those words and concepts.
Nothing more than an archaic and outmoded way of thinking, that's what.
At one time the limit to human population was based on archaic technology.
Hundreds of archaic coal mines have visibly nibbled the mountain.
The seats in the amphitheater are marble, and the stage is built from archaic stone formations.
Still, many gas producers are happy enough with the archaic pricing structure, particularly when oil prices are high.
Scrap the whole archaic tax structure and put in a simplified code that allows no tricks and loopholes.
Whom is an archaic pronoun, pedantic and fussy, but it's occasionally dusted off and deployed to priss up a sentence.
At that time, graphics on computers were pretty archaic.
The existing admissions system is also remarkably archaic.
Roadblocks become redundant or archaic in these conditions.
Math shows our archaic electoral system safeguards democracy.
The deep set eyes and heavy brows were often interpreted as an archaic feature, but it seems feasible they are adaptive.
No offense, but this sounds pretty archaic, especially when dealing with the technologically advanced subject at hand.
Some things in the teacher's pension laws are archaic.
Archaic groups made baskets for collecting, transporting, and storing their food.

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