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In many ways, archaeology rests on the study of garbage, except that the garbage is a few hundred or a few thousand years old.
Archaeology is the study of the human past using material remains.
The explosion in commercial archaeology has brought a flood of information.
Media archaeology is an approach to media studies that has emerged over the last two decades.
He abandoned law for art and archaeology in 1869.
From archaeology to zoology, there's always something new and interesting to explore.
It's assembled by a panel of experts in archaeology, architecture, art history and preservation.
He served as professor of classical archaeology.
Today, many tribes have a more positive view of archaeology.
It is a daring piece of medical archaeology, with an ambitious scope.
Sereno went hunting dinosaur bones in the Sahara, his career took a sharp turn from paleontology to archaeology.
The implications for history, archaeology and anthropology are just starting to emerge.
He's hoping these various archives will facilitate that, promoting interactive culinary archaeology.
Also, archaeology and journalism, given my interests in history and writing.
It is archaeology that has broken up the hummocky ground.
He calls it an early electronics education, by way of archaeology.
History and archaeology provide plenty of examples of civilizations destroyed because they destroyed their own habitat.
In so doing, it has always favored philology and archaeology, all the while avoiding the more capacious domain of hermeneutics.
First, a little cultural archaeology, for the story behind this publication is almost as interesting as its contents.
The opera house area is also where the city's literature, maritime and archaeology museums appear.
The archaeology of architecture leads to many important branches of inquiry.
The story of the transmission of objects is one of the many topics in archaeology which are exhaustless.
The tour guide is a former archaeology student of hers.
Presently, standard acoustic sensors and magnetometers comprise typical tools used for search and discovery in archaeology.

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