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Example sentences for archaeologist

What the motifs symbolized remains a mystery, the archaeologist added.
So far his work as an archaeologist was known only within his profession.
They make an odd couple, the archaeologist and the statue.
Before an archaeologist makes determinations about farming maybe they should talk to a farmer.
He's bringing a robotic archaeologist to scour the vessel.
Hence they are invaluable to the historian and archaeologist.
He was an engineer by day and an archaeologist by night.
In such difficult country it is essential for an archaeologist to have long experience in the field.
The results suggested three career paths: architect, archaeologist, or hairdresser.
As an archaeologist he was more imaginative than scientific.
The archaeologist will then visit the project area and conduct a field investigation.
They also may be requested when a unit wishes to have an archaeologist's expertise in dealing with cultural resource issues.

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