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Moving from concept to reality, however, required an archaeological dig of sorts.
The national park has thousands of ancient archaeological sites.
Antiquarian and archaeological societies are not enumerated here, nor local historical and archaeological societies.
Archaeological evidence indicates that bands of modern and archaic people sometimes lived near each other for thousands of years.
We excavate to find both literal and cultural treasures, digging mines and unearthing archaeological discoveries.
Archaeological digs have unearthed widespread evidence of breath-hold diving in seaside cultures.
For years nailing down the date and location of the origin of chess was stymied by an archaeological conundrum.
Because it's an extinct geo-political society, there is an added archaeological dimension.
Many foreign archaeological missions were suspended last year because of the lack of security.
His approach to them was archaeological rather than strictly genealogical, discovering his family within himself.
Nevertheless, their archaeological hypothesis is a sound one.
Equally important, archaeological countries must recognize that national ownership laws have often been a disastrous failure.
Not enough of the physical structures of the theatres remain to solve this riddle, and the archaeological record is thin.
There is no archaeological record to help scholars find answers to the many questions that they raise.
All over the world there are archaeological sites deep under water from previous civilizations that built on low land.
Archaeological evidence suggests that when roused it is even more destructive.
We could see the hill, which was checkered in the grid pattern of an archaeological dig.
Archaeological finds worldwide have helped researchers to fill out the story of human evolution and migration.
Many sites have active archaeological digs and are major attractions for tourists throughout the year.
Others rampaged through storerooms at well-known archaeological sites.
Indeed evidence of warfare in archaeological remains increases in times of environmental stress.
Below you'll see a beautiful set of photographs of the artefacts from the archaeological site.
The earliest clear archaeological evidence of boats dates to around ten thousand years ago.
The investigators plan to utilize their new technique for more extensive studies on other archaeological samples.
Archaeological sites are often in remote and rugged areas.
So what this all means is that, probably there's lot of archaeological sites on this bank but it's now covered over with water.
This, despite a lot of genetic and archaeological evidence to the contrary.
She has also helped introduce the scientific method into archaeological studies.
Archaeological studies at hominid sites offer one strong clue-animal bones.
The archaeological evidence is scant, but historical texts are more revealing.
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