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We were going to climb up for a close look at a natural sandstone arch which had just been discovered recently.
The Reverend's eyebrows arch, hairy tepees form on his forehead.
Mind and heart racing, I arch my body across the tube, off the water.
If you look at the foot from the side, it is the bone that sits at the top of the arch.
This makes it a three-side structure, and each side is marked bv a long, sweeping arch.
Several gray forms, gleaming in the sunlight, arch through the water .
This collection of short stories is arch and populated with over-analytical, talky teenagers.
She gave only the faintest of starts, the merest arch of an eyebrow.
The furry star is fittingly egotistical and arch, whimsical and proud.
Spandrel is an architectural term for the space between an arch and its surrounding structure.
If my toes are placed correctly, the arch is hitting a spot that is not anywhere close my natural arch, which causes pain.
On one question, students must decide whether the trouble is with the cardiopulmonary plexus or the arch of the aorta.
Most of their shoes and sandals offer excellent foot and arch support.
With this slight arch, the glider took on the droop-winged look of gulls, which fly well in high winds.
For the arch-federalists, the convention may be the last great opportunity for a bold integrationist charge.
Its arch-rival has spun off its restaurants and bottlers.
In the first, the arch returns when standing on one's toes and is typically painless and symptom-free, requiring no treatment.
To clarify why keystone species have this interesting name, draw an arch on the board and point out the keystone.
To clarify this point, draw an arch on the board and point out the keystone.
When threatened, an oriental fire-bellied toad will arch its back to reveal its bright red underside.
Our shoes are great for air travel, exploration, and walking with arch support and cushioned midsoles.
Red is on the outer part of the rainbow's arch, while violet is always on the inner section of the arch.
When water breaks through the back of the cave, it creates an arch.
Look for natural frames, such as an arch or the shaded walls of a canyon.
The tendons and ligaments running through the arch then try to compensate.
If an arch forms while you are standing on your toes, the flat foot is called flexible.
Creating an arch entails building a wooden frame, attaching it to the header and jambs, then covering it with drywall.
It is rarely joined with the left subclavian, except in cases of transposition of the aortic arch.
The central point of the anterior margin of the upper alveolar arch.
Let the bees go honey-hunting with yellow blur of wings in the dome of my head, in the rumbling, singing arch of my skull.
The acromion and spine are easily recognizable throughout their entire extent, forming with the clavicle the arch of the shoulder.
The bees are droning among the forget-me-nots that grow along shore, and the swans arch their necks in the limpid stream.
Earlier research has shown, however, that the degree of the arch has varied during human history.
Power is stored in a battery in the arch of the shoe.
There's also a reinforced arch and an active midsole.
The novel's beginning felt unnecessarily arch and the ending unnecessarily frustrating.
The gigantic, heavy arch on the opposite side is a disappointment from a distance.
It was not to everyone's taste, with its deliberately idiosyncratic language and its sometimes arch opinions.

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