arcaded in a sentence

Example sentences for arcaded

The arcaded first story of the south elevation is open to the railroad car unloading shed.
At the ridge is a louvered, arcaded cupola capped with a hipped, slate roof and cresting.
Two tiers of arcaded central bays flanked by trabeated bays unify red brick facades on all elevations except the rear.
The east wing is seven bays long and is similar to the north wing except that it is not arcaded.
Originally the main building and the wings on the rear of the building were connected with an exterior arcaded walkway.
The square tower is at the north end of the building and is arcaded on the ground level.
Through the openings of the pavilion one enters a shallow arcaded area.
The side hall, carrying the full depth of the house, was divided into halves by a three-part arcaded screen.
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