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In one important way, however, my particular arc does suggest some advice.
What some pilot plants have shown so far, however, is that a lot of the electricity produced is needed to power the arc.
But when lines are strong enough to arc out, wildly conductive plasma follows.
Arc levels are normally low in a cell but increase considerably when neuronal activity has taken place.
Of course there would only allow the selected priest to be the only to view the arc.
Its graceful high arc provides easy clearance for pot filling or cleaning large items.
Anticipate the backward jump by angling the swatter to arc over and then behind the fly.
Then came the rush of wind, a final, sorrowful arc of sound that only he could hear.
The arc heats the air surrounding it and causes that air to expand rapidly, producing a shock wave that is heard as thunder.
The length of that distant arc segment is simply proportional to its distance.
The character is built on an arc where the arc rests on a mountain.
Some of the chains are curved to form an arc shape, and are the origin of the term island arc.
Scrivener allows me to better visualize the arc of of a long piece.
Even a small speedboat can create a wave much larger than itself by steadily turning in a shallow arc.
So much trembling in an arc of hand pressed to brush and canvas swept to human core.
And so there you have it-it's sort of the grand arc of our human story.
One of your first statements is clearly wrong: the distance between the points, as well as the arc length between them, doubles.
The blindness in the vicinity of the scintillating arc is usually more significant to me than any pain.
Another would be a measure of arc effected initially.
Today many people can't tell me how the arc of the sun changes during the seasons.
There was a jerky motion over an arc of a half degree.
One was commenting on the arc of the plot with an eye for how realistic it was.
The northern and western arc is now thickly freckled maize.
The connections arc, because both energies are out of frequency with each other.
Honorably, the movie is not the usual rigid-arc fable of redemption.
The dramatic arc of the music sometimes matches the libretto and sometimes follows its own logic.
The bridge continued to soar across its great arc, unfurling until it was half as wide as the broad side of the room.
And eventually, over the story-arc of the second and third film, you will see other worlds as well.
Shooting a basketball underhand gives your shot far better arc and spin.
But did not explore the nature of the population structure and how it might have influenced the arc of adaptation.
If you look carefully, you can see arc-shaped features all over the place.
It traced the history of what then seemed an almost miraculous arc of rags to immense riches.
Projecting the long structural arc of this work is a challenge.
As the space ship zooms off in a fiery arc, he is heard muttering about the possibility of a return of the grotesque visitors.
We established relationships in the first arc and then twist and change those with additional arcs.
It's a tight little character arc that fleshes out a bit player.
They arc chiefly concerned with the moral objection to punishment by killing.
At the same time he swung to port in a tight arc and came back across the freighter's bow.
Follow the arc of that horseshoe and the cliffs peer over you all the way, forbidding and beckoning at once.
But in the end, he was on an upward arc, one that was quite noble.
The performance arc is clearly rising, but no one knows how much higher it could climb.
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