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And they turn to arbitration or private dispute-resolution mechanisms instead of the ineffective public courts.
The two sides agreed this week to send the dispute to arbitration.
The union now wants the court to temporarily halt the cuts and order arbitration of its demands.
The justice ministry worries that the rise in private arbitration means the legal system is being circumvented.
For-profit colleges increasingly use arbitration agreements to prevent lawsuits.
Any stalled contract negotiations will automatically go to third party binding arbitration.
His union is seeking to get his dismissal overturned by an arbitration panel.
Confidentiality is of vital importance to arbitration.
The union officials and faculty members then went to the local arbitration board.
He signed a $3.2 million, one-year deal in January, avoiding arbitration.
When a baseball player wins in salary arbitration, he gets the money.
Last week, union leaders rejected a proposal to submit to binding arbitration.
Either the two sides settled the suit and agreed not to discuss it or they have agreed to mediation or binding arbitration.
The way private business and free market works is through independent arbitration.
First, it risks damaging investor confidence and could trigger a wave of arbitration cases.
What is needed is proper scrutiny of arbitration, to ensure they do not breach the law of the land.
He is arbitration-eligible for the final time this offseason.
Arbitration often allows you to resolve disputes more quickly and cheaply than by going to court.
Allowing an employee to invoke the negotiated arbitration procedure.

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