arbitrate in a sentence

Example sentences for arbitrate

I'd like to have the matter arbitrated.
He was never again asked to arbitrate a baseball case.
Yet it is now being asked to arbitrate on matters which are intensely political.
It is unclear who would arbitrate in future similar instances.
He even offered to arbitrate the wage dispute as an alternative to strike action.
The union insists management already has the power on the local level to arbitrate work practices.
The company wanted to arbitrate the case before deciding whether to rehire them.
Two more inspectors were brought in to arbitrate on which findings were valid.
And there is disagreement over who should ultimately arbitrate budget disputes.
But the Cabinet chose to arbitrate only those issues still outstanding.
The units initiate their own policies, rather than trying to arbitrate between specialist departments.
It would seem-certainly because he doesn't know where exactly to situate me-that he expects me to arbitrate these differences.
But observers are concerned that governments have yet to come up with an effective way to arbitrate this maritime dispute.
Arbitrate conflicts and issues related to data standards conformance.
The construction and legal effect of an agreement to arbitrate are to be determined by this court as a matter of law.
The suit was timely because the statute of limitations period does not begin until a party unequivocally refuses to arbitrate.
Their obligation to arbitrate is enforceable by the court.
It is well established that for an agreement to arbitrate to be enforceable, it must be in writing.
It is for the court, and not the arbitrator, to decide if the parties agreed to arbitrate the claims in dispute.
Parties are bound to arbitrate those issues that by clear language they have agreed to arbitrate.
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