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Characters and events are invented or arbitrarily altered to suit the adapter's purpose.
Ministers were arbitrarily sacked, and fearsomely scolded.
Though arbitrarily enforced, you can only bring home one liter of wine duty-free.
In principle, the refrigerator can chill arbitrarily close to absolute zero.
The groups note that website operators can arbitrarily change their terms of service, and users often fail to read them.
It is now routine under this public security tool for the state to deprive personal freedom arbitrarily.
Much of getting your first adjunct job is arbitrarily showing up in the right place at the right time.
Deficits are arbitrarily defined and easily manipulated.
Veterinary scientists worried that the president might arbitrarily end other projects involving animal research.
They change the tax regime and export regulations arbitrarily and without warning.
Having medical professionals take that right away from them arbitrarily is simply wrong.
The plant fleet size is arbitrarily made to equal the peak load requirement of the state or country being modeled.
And the ways that companies arbitrarily protect themselves is a subject of hot debate.
It means that arbitrarily controlling profit streams on a whim will be over for them.
The actual service, it turns out, was decided somewhat arbitrarily.
Tenure means one cannot be fired arbitrarily or because of controversy.
Evil is not a set of parameters you can define, it would only be your arbitrarily chosen, personal idea of evil.
People who are arbitrarily using it need to be cautious.
Because you are not giving this advantage to some students arbitrarily.
The present law permitting such release imposes arbitrarily narrow restrictions.
In ancient times it was not uncommon for a ruler to arbitrarily require all debts in his realm be forgiven.
But no one can arbitrarily switch a cable network's content without permission from the cable system operators.
Describes acts of cruelty, such as the egg vendors arbitrarily closing the stall while there was still a line.
Hence also the ratio of density of the so-called elements is arbitrarily fixed at ten to one.
Instead it acted arbitrarily, without any regard for minority preferences, thereby showing that it cares little about them.
People are best seen primarily as individuals, not as members of some arbitrarily defined demographic.
They can only be enforced erratically and arbitrarily.
It really is someone else arbitrarily exercising power over you.
To show that he loved her, he had arbitrarily forbidden her to ski, claiming that skiing was dangerous.
The radiation standards developed several decades ago were chosen somewhat arbitrarily.
Collectively, but probably without organized collusion, they drive this arbitrarily derived figure higher and higher.
That's entanglement, and it can happen over arbitrarily large distances.
In fact, they show that these differences can be arbitrarily large.
If your scores don't fall above an arbitrarily set cut-off point, you are deemed a bad teacher and won't get tenure.
Arbitrarily changing a letter in your name for no real reason is not on par to changing it to conform to societal expectations.
Its laws are opaque and are often applied arbitrarily.
And the right to sell short should not be restricted arbitrarily.
Research must not be arbitrarily limited by fears of the agents in question.
OK, probably, the hysteria about the media law was overdone as the did not arbitrarily fine news outlets so far.
In the meantime, events happen, and they are arbitrarily selected.
We object even more strenuously to the use of that noxious power arbitrarily.
For months at a time, major roads are closed arbitrarily.
Again, you're artificially and arbitrarily narrowing the definition of failure.
It's somewhat contingent upon ecological conditions, which could change arbitrarily at any moment.
The number of galaxies can be made merely arbitrarily large.
It's now known that exactly calculating the atmosphere in arbitrarily fine detail is futile.
Cherry-picking is when you arbitrarily pick things that make your position look stronger, showing them out of context.
Monotheism posits a downward projection of morality, determined arbitrarily before humanity began.
The vaccination schedule hasn't been mashed up arbitrarily.
They did this arbitrarily, based on whichever record gave the data they wanted for that point in the graph.
There's no reason to arbitrarily dismiss the first lady's ability to make a useful contribution.
Bad laws, poorly written and arbitrarily enforced, fill the legislative books.
As you might know, polymers can be made arbitrarily long.

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