aragonite in a sentence

Example sentences for aragonite

So will corals, especially those whose skeletons are composed of aragonite, a particularly unstable form of calcium carbonate.
Calcite and aragonite are the two crystal forms of calcium carbonate, a property of minerals geologists call dimorphism.
The team studied the saturation levels of aragonite, a form of calcium carbonate that drops as acidity of seawater rises.
Aragonite offers more active surface and more active adsorptive sites than calcite.
The level at which aragonite and calcite are in thermodynamic equilibrium is known as the saturation depth.
The amount of phosphate released from aragonite was the nearly the same for the samples equilibrated for one and seven days.
The scale to the left is proportional to the level of aragonite present in the ocean.
Aragonite, which occurs occasionally, does not seem to contain trace metals.
What makes the seawater look milky are suspended, mud-size particles of aragonite, a form of calcium carbonate.
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