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About 28% of the land is arable.
Farmers also grow vegetables and other produce on land made arable by the oasis water supply and underground streams.
Save the arable land for food.
Agriculture is limited with only 20% of the land being arable.
The dam will increase the amount of land arable all the year round by over one-third.
But now they're also giving away their arable land for nearly nothing.
If such ancient water can be located in other areas, arid land can readily made arable and fecund.
Wars could also come from multi-country desertification, or salt damage of low-lying arable land.
Environmental regulations, water scarcities and urban development continue to cut back arable acreage.
The increasing population increasingly occupies what was once productive arable land.
There's simply not enough fresh water, nutritious food, or arable land to go around.
Encourage students to notice that these areas tend to have a moderate climate, arable land, and proximity to oceans.
Wide scale use of these installations using hydroponics would mean they need not be confined to the best arable land.
Millions of acres of frozen steppe will become arable.
The huge potential benefits include increased productivity of arable land, which could relieve pressure on forests.
So, previously arable land will be rendered useless by drought, or by contamination with seawater.
The fundamental energy constraints remained the amount of arable land and the amount of water to produce crops.
Besides safeguarding their interests, the latest plan also preserves strict limits on the transfer of arable land.
We both acknowledge that biofuel crops are diverting arable land from food production and that grain reserves are alarmingly low.
Biofuel crops are taking away arable land from food.
Forty per cent of the arable land has been degraded by fertilizers and pesticides.
Despite many warnings of doom, yields of arable crops have grown remarkably in the past half-century.
People go where there is water, arable land, benign climate and where they think they can survive and/or prosper.
However, arable extensions are gradually being made into the grazing areas.
Additionally algae don't compete for arable land and can be cultivated on fresh water, salt water and even wastewater.
Rugged mountains cover much of the country, leaving a relatively small arable land area for food production.

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