aquiline in a sentence

Example sentences for aquiline

She had hoped to convey her admiration for his aquiline nose.
With deep-set eyes and an aquiline nose, she patrols her sidewalk tables with authority.
Her features were fine, her nose aquiline and dignified.
He had thick iron-gray hair and a dark mustache and aquiline nose.
His aquiline nose, extended ears and penetrating eyes ensure that nothing can escape him.
The full-length figure, with its delicate aquiline nose and folded arms, is by an unknown creator.
He had a handsome, well-proportioned face with a slightly aquiline nose and high forehead.
His nose is somewhat aquiline, his expression is keen and searching, and from his sharp eyes nothing escapes detection.

Famous quotes containing the word aquiline

Those lovers, purified by tragedy, Hurry into each other's arms; these eyes, By water, herb and solitary prayer Made more
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