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State health officials said the incident posed no threat to drinking water or aquatic life.
Trouble is, these ballast water pools typically harbor lots of aquatic species.
Walking on water may seem miraculous, but for tiny aquatic snails, it's an everyday activity.
Three levels of shelves hold aquatic plants such as water irises and lilies.
The unprecedented use of fresh water has led to the declining populations of these aquatic giants.
Freshwater ecosystems are aquatic systems which contain drinkable water or water of almost no salt content.
Except that they were still involved with aquatic transportation, their world changed completely.
The creature is believed to be the extinct aquatic ancestor of scorpions and possibly of all arachnids.
It used to be thought that, by virtue of their tails, they were primarily aquatic.
Whales are highly-modified, once-hoofed mammals which are entirely aquatic.
The low levels of oxygen impair the feeding, growth and reproduction of aquatic life.
Yesterday they were setting up aquatic systems for their first experiments, and he was asking about guppies.
In an aquatic environment, the worm can find a mate and reproduce.
Aquatic carnivorous bladderworts catch prey with suction traps.
All good points, but nobody commented on the benefits to the planet's aquatic environment.
For a look at some exotic aquatic creatures, check out our slide show.
Both the natural compounds and the synthetic versions are moderately toxic to mammals and extremely toxic to aquatic life.
But it concluded that the levels coming from households are too low to be toxic to fish or other aquatic creatures.
Based on the principle of an aquatic ecosystem, the facility consists of five interconnected compartments.
Today the arid region is hardly suitable for aquatic creatures.
Specifically, stream fish prey on forest invertebrates when the aquatic food supply is at its lowest, during the summer.
And when the levels rise again, there's good habitat for the aquatic creatures.
Experts say that's a problem for marine mammals and other aquatic animals.
It is not some strange aquatic creature, but a new robotic underwater vehicle that could revolutionise the way oceans are studied.
Snow and ice protected some plants and aquatic species.
Some proponents envision growing aquatic algae-richer in oil than any other plant-in pools next to electric power stations.
Neddy would have been troubled by aquatic developments over the past two decades.
Aquatic life was represented by several large aquariums and a sunken tank in which an alligator dozed.
Aquatic literature can be awfully dense for the non-oceanographer.
They've become reef systems for every type of aquatic life you can imagine.
Walking trails through salt marshes and wildlife viewing areas dot the landscape of this scenic aquatic and nature preserve.
Lily goes from being an agoraphobic to an aquatic superstar.
These turbines rotate at such a slow velocity that the blade tips pose little or no risk to aquatic life.
The fish killer extraordinaire is a measly dinoflagellate, a kind of alga, or single-celled aquatic plant.
The earliest insects with winglike appendages lived in an aquatic environment.
Cyanobacteria are consumed by fish and other aquatic creatures.
No other aquatic or amphibious wildlife seemed to be affected in either country.
Some speculate that the disturbance could have sparked the aquatic mammals' freak-out, but other scientists aren't convinced.
It shows an intermediate existence, one that's primarily aquatic but that can enable the animal to cope on land.
Lovely pic mash-up of astronomy and aquatic ecology.
The char is remarkably similar to modern coal fly ash, which can create toxic aquatic conditions when released as slurries.
Rock art in some regions of the desert indicate aquatic life, and species more characteristic of the savanna.
Lists newsletters pertaining to invasive aquatic species.
Contains information on the prevention of invasive aquatic species.
Contains management plans for invasive aquatic species.
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