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The researchers therefore plan follow-up tests with aquarium fish to see if they, too, experience inverted slipstreaming.
The aquarium fish industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year worldwide and is growing rapidly.
They are also frequently kept as aquarium fish and are noted for their aggressive behavior.
Indeed after studying tropical fish in an aquarium it is evident that their behaviour patterns are driven by clever strategies.
They are also considered prized aquarium fish and thus are found worldwide.
Cardinal tetra fish show off the primary-color finery that helps make them popular among aquarium owners.
Small tropical fish are collected for the aquarium trade, fueling destruction of reef areas.
It includes an aquarium featuring species of fish that inhabit the river.
The stuff growing in the aquarium filter on the lab fish tank.
Finally he stood, walked over to an aquarium, and dropped the iPod in the tank.
She concludes that a large white fish in their aquarium is his reincarnation.
Aquarium owners and fishermen are usually interested in catching larger specimens of mandarin fish and other ocean spawners.
He would teach them about fish at the aquarium and pull them out of bed at night to look at the stars.
Collection methods by which game fish may be legally held an aquarium.
The aquarium also has several educational displays to help visitors learn more about fish.
And every city, it has come to seem, needs an aquarium.
If you weren't paying attention, you may have thought you'd stepped into an aquarium.
The new aquarium will also contain a touch-tide pool, where children can pick up hermit crabs and starfish.
The sea dragons mated last year with only little help from the aquarium staff.
In safe aquarium settings, bubble rings are objects of play, not fear.
The aquarium is home to the largest jellyfish exhibit of its kind.
But contrived aquarium exhibits are simply gimmicks to draw dollar bills.
But attempts to build an aquarium faltered several years ago, even as the rest of the nation was on an aquarium binge.
Bottlenose dolphins are well known as the intelligent and charismatic stars of many aquarium shows.
Two finless calves have been born at the aquarium since it was set up two years ago.
Motte waves his illuminated arms up and down while the camera looks at him through the water in an aquarium.
When she demurred, he kept them in his aquarium and later released them.
The object of their gaze: a large aquarium, visible through a second-story apartment window.
The effect was to put the driver in a shiny aquarium.
Lionfish are popular in some parts of the world as food, but are far more prized in the aquarium trade.
The blue lobsters in the aquarium are genetic blues.
Throughout the year, the foyer and aquarium area are open for public viewing, and is a major attraction for school field trips.
The aquarium has display cases with bones, skulls, and teeth of sharks and other marine creatures.

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