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Monitors would display tunnels as red, yellow or aquamarine dots against a blue background.
It gives emeralds their green or red hues and aquamarine its light blue.
He stood before her, his fly only partially zipped, revealing aquamarine nylon underpants.
Ruby, emerald, aquamarine are all forms of beryl with various impurities.
She seemed genuinely panic-stricken, her haunted aquamarine eyes spirally with fear.
One had an amethyst necklace, another an aquamarine pin, a third a citrine ring.
Gulf breezes and aquamarine waters cool and refresh visitors to this sleepy town.
The area is known for its powder white beaches, aquamarine waters and breezy, laid-back atmosphere.
It's known for its brilliant white beaches, aquamarine waters and party-hearty night life.
Beneath the monument, stellar snorkeling opportunities abound in aquamarine waters sheltered by towering cliffs.
Every pebble and rock outcrop on the deep bottom of the aquamarine sea is visible.
On closer inspection, patches of emerald and aquamarine become apparent in the larger expanse of deep blue.
The bottom half of the tumblers is aquamarine and the top half is yellow.
Small first- to second-year adjacent to area of multi-year floes with aquamarine melt ponds.
See live images of our white sandy beaches and our sparkling aquamarine waters.
Gem-quality beryl is known as either aquamarine or emerald.

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Their legs long, delicate and slender, aquamarine their eyes, Magical unicorns bear ladies on their backs. ... more
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