aptness in a sentence

Example sentences for aptness

The combination of aptness and familiarity means that clich├ęs are constantly occurring to a writer.
Some pseudo-events cease to be pseudo because of their sheer aptness for the moment.
It is a simple trick, yet there has never been a more reliable gauge of a name's awfulness or aptness.
The writer simply finds himself enthralled with the beauty and perfect aptness of an expression or a thought that is not his own.
She smiled at the aptness of the image, but not happily.
These compounds aptness for fine tuning their properties, cataloged them as designer solvents.
There was no grading, each pupil being advanced according to his aptness.
The judiciary is not the appropriate governmental branch to question the wisdom, aptness or accuracy of a legislative action.

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In an aphorism, aptness counts for more than truth.... more
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