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Example sentences for aptly

Aptly enough, the crisis is spreading from one region to the next.
The aptly named snowshoe hare has particularly large feet and a winter-white coat.
The aptly named porcupinefish is well known for its prickly method of defense.
Aptly placed media and goggle pockets keep your essentials easily accessible and totally secure.
Now it has returned with an aptly seasonal theme and a spectacular new.
The picture rings poetically when it should and crackles aptly when needed.
Especially with that oh-so-important veto power you so aptly mentioned.
The proposer aptly proves that certain language features can influence cognition.
It also aptly calls up the conflicting elements at work in his films: the effervescent and the feverish.
There are no toll roads, only the aptly named freeways.
They are aptly named for the strong musky odor they can produce.
Wooded swamps are aptly named because they are dominated by woody plants such as shrubs and/or trees.

Famous quotes containing the word aptly

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Whatever else it may be—stimulus, tranquilizer, aural nipple, too of executives, Muzak is basically trivializing. It i... more
To the average (and you will look long and hard before finding anyone so aptly described) CB aficionado his... more
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