apropos in a sentence

Example sentences for apropos

For alphabetical and even musical clichés it's apropos.
The final note in the article about the need for insulation is apropos.
That's so cute and very apropos.
Any hearings now likely would be political, full of grandstanding, and apropos of little related to the actual events.
My guess then would be that race isn't really apropos to those holdouts.
There has to be something, short of riding boots, that would be apropos.
Suddenly, my quote seems frighteningly apropos.
Often, apropos of nothing, his villains will break into a momentary soft shoe.
Perhaps, but it's also apropos.
In any case, it's not an apropos analogy because of the reasons I outlined above.
However, theirs is an evolving society with nuance and intricacy that makes simple truths no longer apropos.
Here's a little something interesting, apropos of today's special elections.
Apropos this investigation, fertilizer prices are up all over the world because the cost of natural gas is rising.
Your editorial dealing with the recently enacted redistricting legislation is apropos.
It is apropos of nothing, of course, and thus all the funnier.
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