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Example sentences for approximately

The restaurant area seats approximately 30 people.
Although tunnels are approximately horizontal, they must be built with sufficient gradient for proper drainage.
Remove approximately one cup of liquid from pot and place in a small bowl.
At peak hours they will run approximately every 10 minutes, at off-peak hours, approximately every 15 minutes.
The cost of this non-renewable water is approximately one tenth of the cost of desalinated water.
The approximately $3 million campaign will also focus on the new gorilla exhibit.
The Atlanta office has about 120 employees and costs approximately $32 million annually to operate.
The oldest known tyrannosaurids lived approximately 120 million years ago.
Over 11 days, with a lunch and a light dinner, each of us could taste approximately 55 dishes.
Enter the church as quietly as possible, and as there are no ushers at a funeral, seat yourself where you approximately belong.
The anatomy of the rest of the dinosaur's approximately four-foot-long body is consistent with a unique and varied lifestyle.
In the southern cities they totaled approximately a third of the population.
Grant award notifications are approximately six weeks later.
And the reason had approximately zero to do with taxes, per se, and much to do with quality of life.
The clock strikes twelve and life goes on approximately as it did at eleven.
At approximately the same time as the rail accident, a bus accident on freeways took the lives of more than the rail accident.
By the end of one half hour, approximately two thirds of the company is forever gone.
It lives and dies on its ability to combine sincerity and falsity in approximately appropriate ratios.
Travel is required for this position, approximately one day per week within the regional recruitment territory.
The initial set-up was quick and easy, taking a maximum of fifteen minutes to set up approximately twenty student accounts.
Serves four-or approximately two hundred members of the press.
These cities grew in approximately the same places as our cities do now, however different the shape of the continents was.
But she spends approximately an hour each day reading blogs.
The number was approximately doubled in the next seven years.
Miller took approximately a hundred and seventy portraits during the rally.
She will sell the wood at a local market for approximately fifty cents.
The project consists of approximately a thousand photographs, showing styles over a period of thirty years.
Promising eventually to comprise ninety volumes, the project at present is approximately two-thirds complete.
Such trusts get approximately the same results as the endowment.
Two hours after the injection, he drew a round face with two hands in approximately the correct positions.
Approximately half of their weight is made up of water.
Approximately one in three adults and one in six children are obese.

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