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All flowers and plants are approved for agricultural export.
If he betrayed too great weakness in obeying his prince at that time, he never approved his heresy.
Parliament had approved an austerity budget less than a month earlier.
Harvard is yet to comment officially on the proposed changes, which, although approved have not yet been fully designed.
It has also got bills approved by cleverly exploiting the opposition's divisions and picking off factions within it.
Once approved, some have encountered legal, financial and personal troubles.
Targeted wiretapping approved by a warrant is essential for fighting crime and terrorism.
But because of a small risk of allergic reaction in humans, the corn was approved only for animal feed.
Since calcium channels are only found in heart and brain tissue, the researchers sought a drug approved to block these pathways.
The global review found that current global fieldwork was following regionally approved ethical and scientific procedures.
If the pre-application is approved, the council will send the team leader an email with a link to the full application online.
Poorer people get more, and everyone has to shop from a list of approved insurance plans.
One hopes that if the fish is approved, though, the companies building the tanks make sure to avoid floodplains.
But the letters stop short of saying the tests must be taken off the market until they are approved.
It is the one genetically modified corn not approved for human consumption.
It can take decades for a new antibiotic to be studied and approved.
Writer discusses the diagnosis and treatment of depression and the process by which anti-depressants are tested and approved.
Last week, the public-security bureau approved his travel.
He and his company have been more highly valued for keeping things in the dark than for the occasional, client-approved exposé.
Many parents, determined not to be cruel or counterproductive, latch on to pre-approved language from books.
The prototype version uses more radiation than usual and isn't yet approved for human patients.
Expensive feed-in tariffs for green-approved sources is economic suicide.
When doctors prescribe an approved drug, drug companies make money.
No transgenic animal has yet been approved for use as food anywhere in the world.
If approved, it could make a prostate-cancer patient's visit to the doctor's office much more productive.
The next generation of treatments, not yet approved, improves the drugs by delivering them inside individual cancer cells.
The other seventy-one drugs approved that year were variations of old drugs or deemed no better than drugs already on the market.
If two trials show that the drug is more effective than a placebo, the drug is generally approved.
C able television has lately become the domain of critic-approved, semi-highbrow entertainment.
He was a walking blind taste test: you had to decide if you approved of him before you laid eyes on him.

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