appropriations in a sentence

Example sentences for appropriations

But the thing is, they've been doing logo appropriations for years.
Aircraft purchases went up less than nine percent versus seventy-five percent growth in aircraft appropriations.
These were left to chance or to subsequent municipal appropriations out of other funds.
They do not include commercial projects, which local governments often use to justify land appropriations.
Most of the land appropriations take place in the more developed coastal areas, or around big cities.
For now, the overall prospects for both appropriations still look good.
Revenues to operate budgets for public universities consist largely of state appropriations and student tuition.
Also, multi-year appropriations are generally prohibited on the federal level.
But his manipulations and appropriations served carefully calculated expressive ends.
Figures include state tax appropriations, other state monies, and federal stimulus monies.
Over the past two decades, college officials have often lamented the growing need to secure money outside of appropriations.
Also, some public universities may find that their state appropriations are reduced or increase at a slower-than-expected pace.
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