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Research work is encouraged, and both time and facilities will be made available in appropriate cases.
We split the kids up by age, and we look for age-appropriate books.
They have, however, produced a proverb or two that would be appropriate at the current negotiating table.
Determine which size is appropriate for your monitor.
I'm the father of a 13-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl, both readers, both attuned to their age-appropriate popular culture.
Judges immediately appreciated his climate-appropriate design.
Make up your own mind about what's appropriate for your kids.
Expanses of sky and clouds provide a sense of airiness, appropriate for a bird-inspired tale.
It will be forwarded to the appropriate editor.
Teen series will be absorbed into the appropriate category, and two bays will be devoted to bestsellers.
Press the button below the message and you'll be linked to the appropriate order form.
We will keep resumes on file, and contact students in the event an appropriate internship develops.
With a helper, place pots under appropriate section of the bench top, as you carefully lower top onto pots.
By revealing which nutrients may be lacking, such tests can help you choose an appropriate fertilizer.
Appropriate pesticides for specific problems are identified by name in the following sections on pests, diseases and weeds.
Start with a visually dominant plant of an appropriate height and scale for center stage in your flower bed.
Here's something appropriate for a gardener to give.
Each submission is read carefully before being forwarded to the appropriate editor.
He even regretted that no one remembered the correct shape of a torture rack or the appropriate way to attach a prisoner to it.
Instead, they model behaviors they believe to be gender-typical and appropriate.
Simply going through the submissions to determine what is appropriate to send on to peer review requires paid employees.
It sat right in the middle of everything-a key part of the transition without the appropriate bookends.
They, too, are sorting through lenses to find the appropriate new optic.
It's an appropriate comparison and yet there are big differences.
To me, the name was appropriate to the whole place: a garden under the sea.
Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate editors, who will contact you if a follow-up is required.
Research funding is also an appropriate government responsibility, given the positive externalities involved.
People are also increasingly willing to highlight corporate practices in the media if they do not think they are appropriate.
The receiver should be able to detect an eavesdropper and take appropriate countermeasures.
They already knew that appropriate scents can improve the mood of those who wear them.
The workers want to work, but can't find appropriate jobs.
Politicians are often said to be highly visible or high-profile, when conspicuous would be more appropriate.
Which route is appropriate depends in part on why their current-account surpluses widened during the past decade.
Rights issues are rare, so businessmen are not well-placed to judge the appropriate fee.
Surgical instruments can be heat-sterilised or treated with ultraviolet light, but that is not appropriate for everything.
In the best-case scenario, the patient requests a drug that is appropriate for her condition.
Isotopes with the appropriate chemical and radiological characteristics could be incorporated into new cancer treatments.
There should be full transparency as to the implementation of their mitigation commitments and appropriate processes for review.
In scant milliseconds, the brain coordinates our speech apparatus so that it makes all the appropriate sounds.
Developing appropriate techniques is difficult, however, because the mammalian brain is beyond compare in its complexity.
There is a lot of debate about whether or not cow's milk is good-or appropriate-for people at all.
Further, by the appropriate filtering of water, the aforementioned is significantly enhanced.
In conclusion, their is good and bad to using technology, good only used by appropriate individuals.
Please try to use comments area for appropriate comments regarding the articles.
When it comes time to speak, the software grabs the appropriate samples needed to piece together new words.
When the conditions are appropriate for dendrites, however, the growth does not happen in this way.
Then they refer to the appropriate bilingual dictionaries and grammar guides.
Whether birds or ferrets, no animal can thrive in the wild without adequate, appropriate habitat.
However, for the purpose of this discussion, that definition is not appropriate.
Acquiring the appropriate golf travel bag depends on the type of travel you are going to be doing and how often you travel.
For the warmer months, lightweight clothing is appropriate with extra layers available for the cool evenings.
Appropriate attire when traveling abroad can be extremely important.
Bring a shawl or large scarf to cover appropriate body parts, if necessary.
Find a cruise ship that offers age-appropriate activities for your children.
Many areas are easily hiked with maps and the appropriate gear.
Wear appropriate clothes for your audition, such as workout clothing for dancers or business casual clothes for actors.
Insert the credit card that you used to make your airline reservation into the appropriate slot of the kiosk.
Lee hinted at retirement last year, so he may ultimately decide that this is the appropriate time to walk away.
The water was represented with its waves, and enamelled in the appropriate colour.
With plentiful variety of movement, a stateliness appropriate to the theme is maintained throughout the whole of the poem.
The romantic poets eagerly sought to supersede this convention by vivid, appropriate words.
This, then, is the appropriate region of human liberty.
Every plot has its proper duration as well as its appropriate place.
To find each week for reprint a poem appropriate in sentiment to the feeling of the paper.
In this way did the literature of antiquity suggest itself as, to some extent, an appropriate field for the business of romancing.
Where appropriate, a special note is added to highlight those countries with multiple time zones.
In fact, it is as difficult to appropriate the thoughts of others as it is to invent.
It is also the realization of the whole appropriate content of this rhyme or rhythm.
If you want to sound off on current events, find a subject to teach where such material would be appropriate.
No one should suggest that it's easy to define the appropriate relationship among students, their parents, and their colleges.
Candidates must have an active research agenda and be involved in appropriate professional organizations.
Successful candidate must engage in scholarly and creative activity and service appropriate to university expectations.
Such reporting is interesting, informative, and appropriate.
Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience as appropriate to an entry level position.
They think they are paraphrasing and they are attributing the idea to the appropriate author.
Take the reviewers' comments to heart and talk to an appropriate program officer regarding resubmission.
Instead, level-appropriate challenges will spawn wherever you find yourself.
These register damage when hitting the appropriate sensor.
The pedal-power project is part of a growing movement to create what is called appropriate technology for the developing world.
Given his obsession with the deceased, this may be construed as appropriate.
Miller's success in the general pop field and his eclecticism are appropriate to the times, of course.
There seems to be no appropriate language in which or platform of discourse from which to pursue it.
Adele will win, which will be appropriate for the biggest-selling album of the year.
The dear, dutiful spectator walks beside the painting and registers the appropriate experience.
It only remains to combine everything, put the batter in the appropriate tins, and place the tins into the oven.
And many of them were in the habit of saying the same sorts of things themselves, in appropriate company.
Copies of these agendas were then circulated among the other people in the appropriate section.
In other words, in areas still not pacified by our troops, it is perfectly appropriate to see more soldiers than aid workers.
It is time to consider a new national security act-one more appropriate for a multipolar world.
The appropriate size and scope of government is a legitimate matter for debate.
And an appropriate ladder must be found for each one of a diverse groups of students.
They agreed that his treatment regimen was appropriate.
What you then have is a discussion among people who are able to learn the appropriate limits.
Again, in the workplace consult with appropriate staff for guidance to ensure you do not delete official records.
Finally he came upon an organization that seemed frighteningly appropriate.
Doctors will soon have an arsenal of new genetic tests to help select the appropriate treatments or drugs for patients.
If the software recognizes the face, it's matched with the appropriate name from other pictures in the collection.
The actual status update is done by placing the appropriate block in its designated place on the box.
Think about turning to the right, for instance, and the car will adopt the appropriate speed and road position.
But there are some applications for which fuel cells might be appropriate.
It was an appropriate time of day, as the entire shuttle program has entered its twilight hours.
The system then sends alerts to family members or appropriate healthcare professionals.
So the targeting is done by including the appropriate peptides for the specific type of cancer into the manufacturing process.
The company's system then evaluates how well this information matches the behavior patterns of the appropriate authorized user.
But finding appropriate molecules is only the first step in drug development.
Afterwards, it's mostly a matter of channeling various input signals toward appropriate effectors.
The software has been designed to be modular, so that it's easy to swap in locally appropriate elements.
We have to reinvent the car again because none of the alternatives are as appropriate for the automobile as oil.
While in a load only superconductor that can be true without appropriate protection, it is not in the case for a generator.
It made gestures appropriate to show that it was in no way cheapening itself.
Infants with this condition require a few months in a special harness that helps guide their hips into the appropriate alignment.
Whether it displays these emotions at appropriate times remains to be seen.
It's appropriate to talk to your doctor about where he or she gets information.
Draw whatever inferences about my intelligence and degree of scientific literacy from these facts as you find appropriate.
But this sort of thing is more appropriate when comparing closely related species.
And it's appropriate, given how prominently our own galaxy features in this video.
The four-race system contained no appropriate group.
When given telomerase treatments, the mice rejuvenated to age-appropriate health without adverse side-effects.
For processes that unfold more quickly, other trace elements besides krypton are more appropriate.
She then repainted the walls brown-ish gold to create a warm, period appropriate feel.
There was mention of nine western resorts, all deserving, but a nod to your northern neighbors may have been appropriate.
That's where the sound mixer comes in, to combine and overlay all the sounds and set them at appropriate volumes.
We therefore have brainstormed several other acronyms that the church mission might appropriate.
He's been talking for years about casting the movie and looking for appropriate actors.
The revolutionary undertone was appropriate, for this was a subversive new model in the staid world of cause marketing.
One is getting better looking, the other is wearing clothes that are appropriate.
Granted, there's no way to censor that song to make it appropriate for the show.
Everything has to be appropriate to some version of reality.
It was a dreary day with constant rain which somehow seemed appropriate.
The irony is so crude as to be somehow appropriate: kitsch beats kitsch.
To photograph is to appropriate the thing photographed.
Print and complete the form, then mail or fax it to the appropriate press.
The purpose was to evaluate each freshly drafted recruit and put him or her into the appropriate slot in the war machine.
Lucky individuals in each generation find technology appropriate to their needs.
It was outrageous, of course, but it seemed oddly appropriate.
It would be fair to blame government officials for failing to take appropriate action.
Our ethical responsibility includes trying to find appropriate conceptions of both of them.
No one could know how miserably appropriate the choice would be.

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