approbation in a sentence

Example sentences for approbation

For that message, he deserves our approbation.
Yes, ice cream is an approved action of approbation.
But the very power of its imagery is in itself something far less than approbation.
There just isn't enough outside approbation.
One sort of reward is public approbation.
You have my approbation when you set them straight.
They care little for outsider's approbation.
He had written several plays for the court-theatre, which were honoured by the warmest approbation of the monarch.
We mean to manage otherwise, and we expect thy approbation.
He was pleased to grant my request, and at the same time to give me a very ample testimony of his approbation.
We thirst for approbation, yet cannot forgive the approver.
Receiving a fellowship reflects the honor and approbation of one's professional peers.
However, a lawyer is also guided by personal conscience and the approbation of professional peers.
But in the early years, approval from adults means more than the approbation of peers and a little help can go a long way.
There was a loud murmur of approbation from the crowd.

Famous quotes containing the word approbation

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