approachable in a sentence

Example sentences for approachable

Our talent mirrors the demographic of our guest, they are friendly, knowledgeable and approachable.
He begins by declaring the subject to be beyond human knowledge and approachable only through conjecture and inference.
Photographing people requires finding approachable people in a pleasing situation in good light.
Once they realized the whale was approachable, they immediately went into disentanglement mode to cut the gear off.
Of course, many challenges to sustainability remain, but they become approachable with such a capable tool.
He covers numerous elements of the science supporting climate change in approachable and understandable ways.
When smiling, all of us look more approachable and amiable.
It is one of those ugly realities that only seem approachable through statistics and ratios that compare applicants to openings.
Timely and appropriate humor can help students see their professors as authentic and approachable.
He has the deep tan of a dedicated snowboarder and a salt-and-pepper goatee that gives him a casual, approachable air.
But serious efforts are finally being made to make parallel programming easier and more approachable.
To attract participants the challenge must be interesting and approachable.
Politicians and voters alike say he is more affable and approachable.
There you will find the primary data in an approachable format.
While the deer look beautiful and approachable, they are usually shy and will run when they see you.
The further the messengers drifted into party mode, the less approachable they became to an outsider.
But if economics is going to be as approachable as politics, we're going to have to get creative.
Our chief goal will be to make this vast resource approachable and useful to our readers.
New translations are meant to be more approachable by modern readers.
It's a more approachable coffee in terms of its taste.
And the owners are approachable and know their stuff.
He was approachable in a city room where a lot of the star reporters or older reporters were not.
The dog became a part of the president's approachable public image.
We have found public perception to be that officers on bicycles are more approachable.
Bike patrol officers are more visible to citizens and are said to be more approachable.
When the whale has slowed to an approachable speed, rescuers begin the dangerous task of removing the gear.
Strive to be approachable and sensitive to changing demographics.
Bicycle officers are traditionally more approachable than those officers in cars.
People know that he is approachable and concerned, independent and experienced.
The use of bicycles instead of cars can make police officers more approachable.
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