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Those are to be thought apparent which, appearing only at a distance, vanish upon a nearer approach.
But as they approach shoreline and enter shallower water they slow down and begin to grow in energy and height.
Although this so-called continuous speech-recognition approach has indeed improved accuracy, it is by no means infallible.
Even text that is bold, italicized, and underlined all at once doesn't begin to approach the in-your-face chutzpah of all caps.
There is now an opportunity to reassess the entire approach to the negotiations.
How to approach an editor for book review? .
The double-headed approach makes sense for several reasons.
It's a rudimentary approach, but one that creates a smoky steam that in turn infuses the meat.
How do you approach price issues? My ideal pricing model is any model in which there's a lot of room for experimentation.
In this approach the auction revenue goes to government, which ostensibly uses it to improve air quality.
It also means spending more time with loved ones, getting a good night's sleep and taking a more balanced approach to work.
You really have to vary your approach.
She had not slept long when she was awakened by the noise made by the approach of a horse.
This is a simplification, of course, but it becomes a factor when the contrast of style and approach are so evident.
Second, the decentralized approach is more credible.
Instead, he used an approach known as ring vaccination.
The group takes a new approach to the removable tattoo conundrum.
World oil demand is surging as supplies approach their limits.
Understanding the nature of regions requires a flexible approach to the world.
In fact, it is usually best to leave your camera in its bag when you first approach people, so as not to frighten them.
Sea turtles need dark beaches for nesting and won't approach bright lights.
Others take a quiet approach and simply confront the animals with a silent stare.
They will then apply a similar approach to their local area.
It's a completely different approach to pushing electrons around a dry circuit in a conventional computer.
But shooting portraits of animals-capturing them in much the same way as you would people-can also be an interesting approach.
At the approach of trouble, ostriches will lie low and press their long necks to the ground in an attempt to become less visible.
They land near their prey and approach it on all fours.
The leveraged buy-out approach may already be fizzling because the generous debt terms that it relied on are no longer available.
But many new buildings are designed first and greened later-a cheaper but less effective approach.
Now the same approach is being applied to hardware, albeit in a modified form.
But the economists argue that this approach to measuring hunger also does not accord with how people themselves think about it.
Where they are unavoidable, the approach will be to take tiny steps and put off any pain as far as possible into the future.
One approach is to use microeconomic case studies to examine consumer behaviour in response to specific tax rebates and cuts.
The right approach is to justify all programmes from scratch.
That's the premise behind today's incremental approach to health-care reform.
The latest approach to encouraging kids to eat fruits and vegetables is edible stickers.
In a perfect world, customers would end up paying the same amount in fees as they did before through this new approach.
The approach works best when small and midsize companies are faring better than large-cap companies.
At best, this approach sacrifices a rich understanding of the diversity of species.
Traditionally, cars are built from a top-down approach.
The first approach is for governments to fund large prizes for successful innovations.
It's our responsibility to investigate the truth, to approach images with care and caution.
At the same time, an overly aggressive approach can be disastrous, trapping legitimate email as false positives.
While that approach may be comforting, it doesn't lend itself to viral levels of user adoption.
Most companies tried to sell privacy software to consumers, which was the wrong approach.
We have followed and been a part of the growth of this pedagogical approach, building programs and researching their results.
But for the committee it's still awkward when rejected candidates approach.
Talk with others about how they have handled it and craft an approach that works for you.
Last year's wholesale canning approach didn't go over too well.
Magpies favor one brain hemisphere depending on how they intend to approach a threat.
Several researchers wrote in, giving a sense of the varied ways to approach the matter.
As the holidays approach, so do tasty treats laden with calories, many of them provided by fat.
Recently there's increasing study and focus on a remarkable approach to manipulating the activity of our brain.
To make systems biology really useful to biology, it has to transcend beyond the current static simple relational approach.
Sometimes established corporations approach universities that have developed prototypes of products in their lab.
As long as it's balanced in its approach to cost and benefit.
But if the silicon byproduct can be sold or recycled efficiently, the new approach could be economically feasible.
And not everyone is sure blocking the host's binding lipid is going to be a simple approach.
It is well to point out that the chemical approach does not provide a complete solution to the problem of protein structure.
Amine said the new approach offers several advantages over current technologies.
There's not a doubt in my mind that audiences across the spectrum will respond to the film's novel approach to sci-fi.
He has also made a break from tradition in his approach to raising a family.
It's challenging because all of the directors have a different perspective and a different approach.
He tried a different approach, one that showcased his boots-on-the-ground expertise.
Basically, on any film, it's all about the script and the director's approach to the script.
He also had rigorously old-fashioned notions of honor, which made his revolutionary approach to art all the more of an enigma.
There was also the question of her allegedly rough-and-ready approach to artist relations.
Nothing that happened-no fact, no piece of data-was going to alter their approach to investing money.
It's an appealing approach when applied to landowners restoring wetlands.
But lately the opposite approach-taking a company private-has become popular.
He is reticent and shy, and his pared-down approach to the presentation of himself applies also to the presentation of his work.
It's an approach that accounts for a lot of paradoxes and self-contradictions in her taste.
Taking a different approach, the interviewer asked him what he liked to recommend to people.
They could recognize that they have reached the end of the road and take a radically different approach.
The insights gleaned from this approach do not seem necessarily revelatory.
At first glance, this approach might seem to bear out the charge of parasitism.
But already this approach represents an important concession by vaccine scientists.
The purpose of this approach is to get as much out of you as possible.
The open platform calls for a different approach to security.
Her latest strategy is a computational approach that can rapidly identify thousands of new protein sequences for screening.
From above examples is evident, formal approach of contemporary physics has its own objective limits in falsifiability.
However, funding for his projects ran out at about the same time that the modern world decided to take a wired approach.
One approach to this problem is to run light through more than one device, each specifically designed to process one polarization.
The approach could also pave the way for a new type of bright, efficient display.
Sixty years of government-funded basic research has set up a potential revolution in our approach to disease.
Their approach instead was radically straightforward-they changed the moms' diet.
Some within the medical community, however, regard the preventive approach as promising but still in the experimental stage.
She thinks this approach could revolutionize our understanding of gravity and uncork the deepest workings of the universe.
But there are two problems inherent to this approach.
In the meantime, some members of the conservation community may become more accepting of the center's approach.
And a number of researchers are taking a fundamentally different, technology-driven approach to fighting blindness.
Our approach was to ask for the simplest possible modified-gravity model that would make the universe accelerate.
String theory has recently inspired a fresh approach.
But this approach yields small, imperfect flakes that are useless for many practical applications.
The genomics approach to identifying nematodes and bacteria is a major breakthrough.
Museums and moviemakers seem not likely to offer that approach soon.
But, some folk wisdom may develop regarding how to approach these parts of genome data when you receive it.
Possibly a viable approach is to engineer an antibiotic that does not have it's origins in the biological world.
Other researchers have emulated the olestra approach.
There's nothing new about this approach that they are taking.
And of course, in the past the old approach was to go for a planned economy.
But the critique is also wrong as an approach to the law.
His reserved, backstage approach risked looking cautious and calculating in its own way.
While nursing homes are changing their approach, the typical nursing home resident is changing too.
State officials emphasize a collaborative approach with industry leaders to address the problem.

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