apprehensive in a sentence

Example sentences for apprehensive

I'm a bit apprehensive about making the switch.
Instead, I was apprehensive at the profound responsibility of having someone else's story in my hands.
Tremors there will always be and indeed when they cease for a while, people get apprehensive about the bigger one ahead.
Even those apprehensive of reading something creepy usually found they couldn't put them down.
Still, he was apprehensive about his first acting job.
The perspective suggests just how tall the trees look to a small, apprehensive bear about to climb one.
The athletes say they're not apprehensive.
Or maybe she's been away a while and is apprehensive about her return home.
The door creaked open partway to reveal the haggard, apprehensive heads of three young men.
We were curious, and a bit apprehensive.
The dog might be apprehensive for the first few visits.
Inside there is nowhere to escape if someone enters their space and they become immediately apprehensive and defensive.
Concern on our part as she leaves us apprehensive about her behavior in many situations.
They knew that their mothers were still a bit apprehensive, but their curiosity overcame them.
We would be apprehensive about the police taking sides.
They conveyed that they understood that some students might be apprehensive about sharing their writing with other students.
And they're apprehensive about the prospect of turning literary scholarship into an engineering problem.
At the same time, he says, they're more apprehensive about investing directly in proprietary colleges.
The treatment lasts an hour as the patient sits there, apprehensive not only about his disease but about side effects.
He looked apprehensive, placing both his hands on the bleacher and straightening his back.
Then they walk in, not really gritting their teeth because they're doing this for a cause, but a little apprehensive.
Tonight, residents have gathered in the adjoining car park, with a merry but apprehensive air.
At your first naturist experience, you may feel apprehensive and worried that people will be staring at you.
If you feel apprehensive about driving in the busy city, allow a train to take the stress out of your visit.
If you're afraid of flying or simply apprehensive, talk with your doctor about options.
But anyone apprehensive about the opener can rest easy already.
Bruhn may have been a bit apprehensive as he sized up the two artists.
Initially apprehensive, she has adapted to her surroundings and remains aware of what occurs around her.
Should you be apprehensive about linseed oil, you could use almost any polyunsaturated cooking oil.
Our purpose is to show that managers and staff need not be apprehensive about what evaluation will cost or what it will show.
Compares self-reports of speech preparation activities by high and low public speaking apprehensive individuals.
To complicate matters, high school teachers are often apprehensive about taking their students outside the school building.

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