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Example sentences for apprehension

Panic attacks are episodes of intense fear or apprehension.
Filled with apprehension, she decides to see a psychiatrist and a neurologist and to get her brain scanned.
After that, I worked in a state of constant apprehension.
Our first thoughts are for safety of the community and for prompt apprehension of the person responsible.
But there appears to be an apprehension that there is something sacred about that number.
She captures well the physical discomfort, worry and apprehension that fear brings.
With a tickle of apprehension, I dragged the e-mail icon from the dock and watched it disappear in a puff of digital smoke.
All of the cops that were assisting in the apprehension of this most dangerous individual should immediately be suspended.
The war-years letters are filled with apprehension about mankind's addiction to the use of force.
That expresses well the apprehension, in both senses, of an intellectual transported to another land.
These responses weren't what I wanted to see, because they confirm and articulate my apprehension.
Constant apprehension of war has the tendency to render the head too large for the body.
The vast newsroom was quiet-the place does not really come alive until about ten-thirty-but there was a hint of apprehension.
It's a testament to cultural grandeur and appalling brutality, to arrogance and apprehension.
But there was also the kind of apprehension that steadily builds during the slow ascent toward the ride's first vertiginous dip.
Whatever apprehension he may have had only minutes earlier had faded.
She thought about all the people who had gripped these same arms in apprehension before entering her uncle's dental chamber.

Famous quotes containing the word apprehension

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