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Example sentences for apprehend

Ward initiated a review of all police procedures used to apprehend, control and detain accused persons.
Orders had been sent to apprehend the fugitives.
During that time the police failed to apprehend the man.
People believe they apprehend the world in a rational way.
Just as he reaches down to apprehend the ball, he sucks in air until his cheeks bulge like twin balloons.
Baseball is considerably less difficult to apprehend than long division or decimals.
And a society which eschewed all use of force would, of course, be unable to apprehend burglars or white collar criminals.
It is the embracing and domination of a situation in order to apprehend the cosmos by process of coming to terms with it.
This is what makes climate science such a wonderful field, but at the same time one that people can easily mis-apprehend.
Best militants are hard to apprehend, because of the rings of security and the amount of exits that have in place.
City officials immediately set efforts in motion to apprehend him.
We imagine other lives, apprehend other experiences, see the world through different eyes and ears.
The challenge in snake catching is that you have to be quick enough to apprehend one without being bitten.
When the police showed up at the apartment to apprehend the stolen property, they found the drugs too.
In this case, there is the exacerbating problem of attempting to apprehend said place where there is no easy way to do so.
Such a small brain to apprehend such a large cosmos.
Then events race out ahead of thought and word, which stumble blindly behind in a world they cannot apprehend.
The persecutors were informed that he was concealed upon a certain mountain, and sent soldiers to apprehend him.
If the police are called the police should come ready to apprehend the intruder.
US border authorities no longer apprehend illegal immigrants only as they enter the country.

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