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Example sentences for appreciative

Such a bill as outlined is a distinct advance in the right direction and invites appreciative and friendly criticism.
Yes, some students from some areas are more appreciative than others.
So far it seems to be working: appreciative viewers often leave lipstick kisses on his silky sculptures.
It is amazing and appreciative to reach such great advance in so short period.
But attendance is healthy and audiences are appreciative.
She left us immeasurably richer and wiser and appreciative of the wonderful diversity and richness of our world.
On account of the disagreeable weather, the audience was rather small but intelligent and appreciative.
They were appreciative of my openness and still wanted me to come.
The audience was a large, first-night gathering, appreciative of the many excellences of the performance.
But appreciative noticing glances can be returned with a slight smile to acknowledge the noticer.
The lovely design continues to draw appreciative looks.
It somehow helps to keep us grounded and appreciative of each other.
We also had the place, and the extremely appreciative staff, to ourselves.
The buyers were so appreciative of us using someone who really understood where they were coming from.
He becomes more appreciative of the meaning of life and its permanent spiritual values.
Those painters found an appreciative audience on their home ground.
My confession drew from her an appreciative and noncommittal merriment.
On the one hand, it is appreciative that the candidates agree with it.
He seldom laughed loud, but his smile was sweet and appreciative.
Early chapters were read aloud to the appreciative family.
On exit surveys, participants were eager and appreciative.
Those events make me all the more appreciative of the good memories later.
To me there is a big difference between a personal, appreciative email and a cold impersonal one.
Counseling offices are especially appreciative of referrals.
We are basically a bunch of mellow, dependable folks appreciative of this second career opportunity.
The best authors were the easiest to edit, appreciative of comments that made their work stronger.
Most students realize that printing out texts this way is far cheaper and are usually appreciative.
Actually, so far the reactions of those who admit to having read it have ranged from forbearing to appreciative.
Always, it breathed life into the nightly, desultory job of serving dinner to a mostly appreciative family.
Her interpretations were restrained and intelligent, her pitch sense acute, her manner dignified and appreciative.
And the band played it all to a wildly appreciative, protean audience that spent the evening swarming around the stage.
And when you did something for her, there was no one more appreciative.
But appreciative readers may need reminding that independent small presses are struggling, and they need our support.
One is the more appreciative in that his opening remarks appear to imply that history of science is scarcely possible at all.
There's a clink of cutlery, a murmur of appreciative conversation from the dining room.
You'll certainly have an appreciative audience here.
Jokes will be out, unless cracked by the boss, in which case appreciative laughter will be compulsory.
The parents seem to be happy and the children seem to be appreciative.
Amid appreciative guffaws he continues in the same vein.
Her third great good fortune was her array of mind-expanding, appreciative lovers.
The chileans will be appreciative of such contribution.
And his hand fanned across the air between us, a gesture both subtle and appreciative.
In the window he drew appreciative crowds of regular admirers or astonished newcomers.
The workshop organizing committee is appreciative of the support provided by the sponsors of this workshop.
Our patients are a humble and gracious people who are appreciative and receptive to the services offered by pharmacists.
The longer your customers wait, the more appreciative they'll be when you eventually show up.

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