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When you hit those moments, I'd like to suggest that you track down the author and send her or him a note of appreciation.
As every writer knows, it gets easier with practice, and that was part of my newfound appreciation for putting words on paper.
As a token of their appreciation, the villagers gave us traditional garments appropriate for a king and queen of the village.
They trade stocks heavily to get maximum share-price appreciation for the fund.
Much of that appreciation has taken place in just the past month.
Take your appreciation for engineering to new places.
If the investments subsequently increase in value, that appreciation will be free from income tax.
Respondents indicated that a proper workload influenced their job satisfaction more than salary, recognition, or appreciation.
The new drama of reality is not based on snap appreciation or judgment.
In the last few years, speculators were drawn to real estate because of double-digit appreciation.
Download this certificate of appreciation for your trick-or-treater.
First and foremost, she brings her deep appreciation for her culture.
He captured pictures fostering appreciation of both the beauty and fragility of the seas.
First, please accept my congratulations, and appreciation for providing wonderful episodes.
His significance, his appreciation is the appreciation of his relation to the dead poets and artists.
Developmental psychologists have long been interested in children's appreciation of the distinction between pretense and reality.
It gives you tools and skills for a maximum appreciation of life in all its domains.
Therefore, there was initially appreciation for his stories.
If so, you would be proof that the learning process is what drives music appreciation, due to your deafness of tone.
Ethiopians really have a huge appreciation of this incredible fossil that comes from their country.
Shawn expressed his appreciation of all of the efforts of the school personnel to make this happen.
Perhaps then you already have some appreciation for how varying social conditions can affect behavior.
The main factor that seems to be missing from the article is an appreciation that depression exists on a severity continuum.
We know booze can boost humor appreciation, since it lowers inhibition, decreases anxiety and increases positive mood.
It helps if you have an appreciation for puns and food humor, but even apart from that the game is quite enjoyable.
For the people who lived through the experiment it may be a newfound appreciation for any kind of wall.
In fact, the same mental process also appears to drive our appreciation of expensive wine.
Gastronomy is knowledge, albeit knowledge that can improve your cooking and your appreciation of it.
It is based on this positive feedback of the appreciation of the price attracting speculators.
Anyone with an appreciation of complex system would agree with you.
Other things are ill said, but usually because he is bursting with appreciation.
The supply of land is fixed, and if there's a fixed supply of something but a growing demand, appreciation should be automatic.
Yes, because it's good for the public's appreciation for acting.
Suddenly, they'd have letters of appreciation from people who felt this but never dared say it.
She's always looking for things that blend her appreciation of the two.
One was a new appreciation for his mastery of campaigning.
There is good reason to believe that the appreciation of solidity by the eye is purely a matter of education.
Willy's good behavior depends on an appreciation of his innate disposition and a judicious balance of carrot and stick.
In the fall, when the data turned positive again, the yuan embarked once more on a steady appreciation.
And the utility could engage in debt-for-equity swaps, or better still debt-for-shared-appreciation schemes.
But that is unlikely to stop the currency's appreciation, especially once the oil starts pumping.
He had launched an unprecedented intervention in foreign-exchange markets to soften the unwanted appreciation of the zloty.
The government plans to put its share of revenues in a sovereign-wealth fund, to prevent unwanted currency appreciation.
Show your appreciation for a job well done, or a co-worker's help.
He stood as a show of appreciation, not because he burned to be appreciated.
Most bands express care and appreciation for fans during a set, though it's rarely demonstrated in an actionable way.
But that appreciation does not solve the question raised by the controversy.
There are many ways for each of us to show our appreciation for military spouses.

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