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Example sentences for appreciable

It is run by oligarchies, and that's why there is little appreciable difference in policies from administration to administration.
Any animal that spends appreciable time in the ocean should be able to extract oxygen from water via gills.
That's too long, and besides, any appreciable volume of photos would hose a cellular network.
For turboprops and jets, there is no appreciable difference.
The program is unlikely to have an appreciable effect on employment.
But there is an appreciable warming of the economic, political, and cultural climate zones.
Application of an appreciable varnish cover does produce color saturation and provide an even reflectance of light.
But it will take months, at best, to see any appreciable relief from the new agreement.
The vast majority of clouds you see contain droplets and/or crystals that are too small to have any appreciable fall velocity.
It was quite an appreciable step to hire a medical service to monitor the health of employees.
For future generations, these savings will be appreciable.
Instead, images arrive at your eyes with an appreciable delay.
No costs at all are incurred for the first category, and no appreciable costs are incurred for the second.
If the fuel is efficiently burned in the cylinder, there will be no appreciable hydrocarbon escaping the cylinder.
The plane basically vaporized on contact, with no appreciable damage to the concrete structure.
Physical cleansing, such as using enemas, does not have an appreciable effect on your intestinal flora.
But it does happen, and over time one can find themselves having an appreciable influence on policy.
No, prices have not gone up yet as there is not an appreciable amount of biofuel in production.
It doesn't affect anyone else to any appreciable degree, and should not be subject to legislation.
Maybe no film makers of appreciable talent have been tempted to try.
To put it in the simplest terms: the public, or an appreciable portion thereof, likes half-bottles.

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