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Example sentences for appraisal

It is only possible, but not probable, for a gymnast to score a 10.0 in the execution appraisal.
Now appraisal and lending standards are both tighter.
Self confidence is not condemned by any philosophy because it is based on a realistic appraisal of one's ability.
If you do end up buying authenticated bottles, you can use the expert's results for an insurance appraisal.
Moreover, they keep all the benefits of effective appraisal and monitoring to themselves, so they are willing to bear the risk.
Dealers publish extensive directories to provide a basis for consistent appraisal.
The marshal steps in bristling, eyes already embarking on a tour of appraisal.
She looked at him, appraisal in her eyes.
Yes, the defense cuts are all about an honest appraisal of security needs.
Not a lurid tell-all, this is an honest appraisal of a life well lived.
As uplifting as this appraisal may have been, subsequent events would soon show that it was overly optimistic.
Based on this appraisal, you may decide that there is a chilly climate.
Thank you for the blunt and honest appraisal of teacher evaluations.
In some cases, borrowers will also no longer need a new appraisal on the home, which should reduce refinance costs.
Committed is at a testament to the power of marriage, and an honest appraisal of it.
The protesters offered a harsher appraisal, dismissing the proposals as cosmetic reforms that did not go nearly far enough.
And in his matter-of-fact appraisal, there was a hint of common ground between a teacher and a president.
The appraisal report must not be used for this purpose.

Famous quotes containing the word appraisal

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