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Seldom have the old slogans seemed more apposite.
This remains apposite advice at a time when the peace process is in a fragile condition but strong in its fundamentals.
Revolutionary is an abused word in biotech, but here it is entirely apposite.
His humorous tales and novels of Swiss life were often illustrated with his own apposite drawings.
Competitors were invited to submit five such invented names, each with an apposite occupation.
It was comparatively a simple matter to choose a few excerpts that seemed particularly apposite to our own situation today.
In ordinary course, apposite forms proliferate.
But such words, though apposite, belong on grant applications.
Timing is everything, and this gathering of works couldn't look or feel more apposite.
If two versions of a report are equally apposite, but incompatible with each other, the reader is not denied that knowledge.
After apposite stimulations the egg cell would grow to form a mammoth embryo.
As it happens, the subject of curiosity is particularly apposite in this case.
One quote leaped out at me from the book and seems particularly apposite to the current situation.
It is not a new conceit, but it has rarely been a more apposite one.
Often, this cheerio leads to the primary form of cheerio, and is especially apposite.
He could make his case by providing an apposite quotation.
Second, none of your industry examples are apposite.
The system recognizes three types of thinkers: apposite, divergent, and generative.
The apposite law governing speedy trials has been often stated by this court.

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The great leading distinction between writing and speaking is, that more time is allowed for the one than the other, and... more
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