apportion in a sentence

Example sentences for apportion

It is too soon to point fingers at individuals or apportion blame precisely.
Their report will no doubt apportion blame and recommend changes in maintenance procedures.
To apportion blame to one partner or another in this marriage is, as ought by now to be evident, pointless.
It is a complicated thing, they said, to apportion compensation in a bear market.
There was no federally engineered compensation fund, no blue-ribbon panel to apportion blame.
City officials are under legal mandates to provide housing, and officials say they have tried to apportion it fairly.
Of course, discount hurdles do not apportion costs among buyers with precision.
And to apportion proper credit for that, one has to peek behind the scenes.
He can intrude by asking to be told what no one will volunteer, or he can fairly apportion the wine.
How to measure that and apportion damages is for a jury to decide.
What nobody needs is a study which seems to be designed to apportion blame in the direction of the mothers.
These projects might not be exactly alike: students might apportion their time differently, or add another discipline to the mix.
Landlords may use a mathematical formula to apportion water and sewer charges for common areas to each tenant.
Reorganization allowed for better apportion of staff and resources for all three refuges.
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