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The candidate should have the requisite experience to be appointed as a full professor on a fixed term.
No one goes through the pains of getting elected to get told what to do by some guy who is appointed.
As sun thermonuclear energy is running out, this dark region will become sizable, at the appointed time of the reaction.
Gallaudet's board originally appointed a provost as.
The government is appointed by the prime minister, who is appointed by the president.
Each province is led by a governor who is appointed by the president of the country.
Two immediate challenges will face whoever is appointed.
Adjunct faculty positions are appointed on a course-by-course, semester basis as needed.
It has appointed a new electoral commission and forced out the bosses of the anti-corruption authority.
Some potential internal candidates stay out of the search but offer to be available if no other candidate is appointed.
Cabinet, headed by the prime minister, appointed by the king.
Divine mysteries are eventually explained at the appointed time.
Inferior officers of the government can be appointed by the president, the courts or heads of government departments.
History is replete with self appointed societal saviors.
The sockets remain dormant until the appointed hour, whereupon the juice flows into any gadget of your choosing.
Either eat the fare change or explain that you cannot meet at the appointed time, but can meet earlier.
The czar is not likely to be appointed until after the elections.
If you can afford it, skip the smallish standard rooms and get one of the sumptuously appointed suites.
Also, so long as the case is open, the appointed judge gets lots of perks.
Perhaps these posters have been chastised, by a self appointed moderator, for not searching on a topic before they posted.
He appointed himself the family's official wildlife spotter and nature photographer on our trip.
Instead, he appointed a cabinet designed to appeal to investors.
The interpretation of the law is the sole privilege of self appointed leaders.
It would be interesting to have these statistics shown separately for elected boards versus appointed boards.
But the two sides have now appointed senior officials to pep up negotiations.
Of the five other generals appointed at the same time, two have probably been chosen purely to help his cause.
Furthermore, the prime minister has appointed a commission of inquiry led by a retired judge to examine the navy's action.
The leaders are self-appointed, hold singular authority to determine right and wrong and stand in absolute judgement of everyone.
And worse than even my poorly appointed hotel room, the wilderness has no power outlets.
While it's nicely appointed, you've got to bridle at a couple things.
The seats were surprisingly comfortable and the interior well-appointed.
Negotiation wise, you should push to be appointed as high up the scale as possible.
We came up with our formula based on a committee appointed for that purpose.
They seem to be from self-appointed apologists for scientists.
The police clearly worry that if they scale back their deployments people will converge at the appointed places.
At several government-owned newspapers, staff have threatened to oust state-appointed editors.
Instead, a feebly staffed, government-appointed electoral commission was to run the poll.
From the earliest epoch of her conscious life, she had entered upon this as her appointed mission.
The arms, artillery and public property to be parked and stacked, and turned over to the officer appointed by me to receive them.
Undoubtedly the promoters of utility, in this limited sense, have their appointed office in society.
Other members were from time to time appointed by the throne.
Repeated calls to his court-appointed attorney went unreturned.
Brown felt able to rely on his ministers in part because he had appointed good ones.
Here are profiles of the directors and who appointed them.
Appointed county road commissions could be dissolved by a majority vote of a county's board of commissioners.
People should consider my experience in law enforcement and my experience in local government both elective and appointed.
Each boasts all the amenities of a plush hotel suite plus well-appointed kitchenettes.

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