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He would be directly elected for five years and could appoint or dismiss the prime minister.
And you will never guess who gets to appoint three members of this commission including its chairman.
Appoint a governing body that will determine what needs to be done and get the repairs done.
The bank declined to comment on the reason for the executives' departure and said it would appoint new management soon.
The presidency is the highest executive office, with direct legislative powers and authority to appoint the cabinet.
We resent these hypocrites because they appoint themselves to tell the rest of us what to do.
Look for him to appoint a deputy national security advisor to coordinate the work.
He asked the judge to appoint two overworked public defenders instead, identifying them by name.
Perry and state lawmakers are negotiating a plan to appoint a new board.
The council has the authority to appoint and dismiss ministers.
Of course, the effort to appoint a partner needs to be handled with deftness and sensitivity.
It is the supervisory board's job to appoint a chief executive and other members of the managing board.
Sometimes administrators can monitor the work of afflicted faculty or staff members, or appoint temporary replacements.
If you do complete a task and report on it, people remember that you did it, and they'll appoint you to more thankless work.
The promotion is part of plans to appoint regional creative leaders rather than hire a new worldwide creative director.
Usually they appoint trusted outsiders to key positions.
The morning session was occupied with the reading of reports and the appoint ment of committees.
Better for companies to follow what some already do: appoint a deputy chairman, and see how the role evolves.
Sometimes they appoint a loyal relative as chief executive.
Six police commanders have resigned, allowing him to appoint a selection of more loyal officers.
Negotiators are still arguing over whom to appoint as prime minister.
State governors, who appoint election officers, play a decisive role.
Additionally, it can appoint working groups to handle specific issues it's dealing with.
And you can only manage well through whom you appoint.
So governors appoint pardons boards and meet with legal counselors, who take the political heat for controversial cases.
Maybe it's time to appoint a blue ribbon commission to study the whole problem.
Otherwise, a court will appoint a guardian, and it may not be the individual you would choose to bring up your kids.
The company said it also planned to appoint chief quality officers for each of its three major divisions.
One major stumbling block for the resumption of formal relations is a dispute over who has the power to appoint bishops.
Still, he also unveiled a plan to appoint a committee to review the bank's business dealings.
The mayor may appoint a single member of the board of trustees to be commissioner of the village police department.
He will appoint diverse individuals with varying skills, talent and experience.
Companies can also be able to appoint and terminate existing licensees.

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