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Fuel cells have long promised pollution-free driving, but have been held back by their enormous cost when applied to a normal car.
After completing the design and allowing the caulking to dry, she applied tile grout and left it to dry overnight.
Whistler used diluted oils, applied quickly to give his paintings a spontaneity similar to watercolors.
The technology can also be applied to conventional silicon crystal solar panels to boost efficiency.
There he began by sculpting clay applied to a wooden armature.
Local tax and shipping charges will be applied by region.
These surfaces must be scrubbed clean with a strong detergent or with a grease solvent of some kind before new paint is applied.
So far, dispersants have mainly been applied to surface slicks by spraying from planes.
The ink rests in tiny beads that remain lodged in the skin after a tattoo is applied.
To solve the problem, adjust the rate at which water is applied.
The new methodology introduced this year was applied to all years shown.
On the tough side, strict time limits can be applied to benefits.
Substances such as oils, beeswax, and pine tree resins-which repel water and microbes-were then applied.
It was not so much an invented technology as a natural phenomenon discovered and applied.
We are looking for candidates with teaching and research interests in applied microeconomics.
How it would be applied in practice remains unclear.
The photographer used the sweep of the dune to frame the plant and applied the rule of thirds in composing the landscape.
The preparation is applied to patients by means of a skin patch.
After it dried, he ran masking tape across the fence and applied darker blue paint along the bottom.
That's because outside the can, the field produced by the superconductor will alter the applied field and reveal its presence.
Effective is a broad, stretchable word that can be applied as a modifier to people as well as things and events.
But the panel questioned whether the university had applied its policy fairly.
The therapy has so far been applied only to melanoma patients.
But not every scientist thinks that evolution as it's now understood and applied is complete.
When new vaccine cultures are made, belt-and-braces tests obviously need to be applied.
Ask students to provide examples of each word as it might be applied to a news story or article.
It's perfect business theory, applied perfectly to corporate planning.
On top of that, peasants resented the gabelle, a tax on salt that was particularly unfairly applied to the poor.
If the strychnine bait is applied as directed then there is no danger of polluting groundwater, etc.
The top skin had the gel applied and shows less scarring than the bottom skin, which was allowed to heal naturally.
It was once used to treat syphilis and applied topically to whiten skin.
He sought to find laws and structures that could be applied to all languages.
The knowledge the researchers gain about bat sonar is tested out on dolphins and applied to human sonar systems.
There is a simple rule of thumb that can be applied toward multiple solutions: don't expend energy in order to dissipate energy.
His simulation applied different movement algorithms to the robots' segmented spines.
As with the printing press, ink was applied to paper using pressure.
It can be applied to the hulls of ships and submarines to prevent algae and barnacles from attaching themselves.
When the taxpayer bailed them out it was clear that socialism for the rich was being applied.
Most of these candidate interplanetary projects are pies in the sky for applied science.
Oh for the rigour that used to be applied to science.
Chemical dispersants to break up the oil were applied at one of the highest rates in history.
The concept of loss-aversion can be applied to many things.
More than half of all the synthetic nitrogen made today is applied to corn.
She also applied to graduate school in anthropology.
Given the high stakes, every conceivable pressure was applied to change votes.
Pressed sushi is covered with a thin speckled film of kombu, edible kelp: it looks as if lacquer had been applied over the rice.
Last year, about fifty thousand people applied for asylum here.
The press's case for itself is always stronger when applied to matters of public importance.
Pressure is applied to the site to stop the bleeding, and a bandage is applied.
Some researchers say the technique could be applied to treatment of human diseases.
When voltage is applied, the polymer's electrons are raised to a higher energy level.
However, it's unknown how-or even if-dispersants applied at depths biodegrade in the same way that they do at the surface.
The rat then applied the pasty, deadly drool to spiky flank hairs.
Torrential rain-followed by dangerous floods-wash off fertilizer and manure applied to crops.
Rate holders and short rates will be applied when applicable.
Even better work was making the law efficient and genuine where it applied.
The previous question and the motions limiting or extending the limits of debate may be applied to it.
Distinctive names are applied to different portions of the decidua.
Each of these consists of an axis-cylinder to which nuclei are applied at intervals.
Even the names of opprobrium which the hostile parties applied to each other were borrowed.
It is made up of comment and opinion, and also new emotions which are vaguely applied to his own life.
Applied for two tenure-track professorships: denied.
Can be applied to cute animals-that they are so cute, you want to eat them.
So in mid-May, she applied to receive unemployment benefits.
He is brilliant at what he does, but he does not have much background in research methodology or applied statistics.
If you knew you wouldn't live there, then you shouldn't have applied.
The rock salt applied to icy roads in the winter is the same substance that comes out of your salt shaker.
In some cases, the researchers told participants that a pain-relieving cream had been applied to their skin.
The coating is also applied to the probe's tip so that it can capture a separated molecule and probe it in detail.
These studies may have a great impact on the sound masking techniques that are commonly applied to office and home environment.
The findings have since been applied in studies of aging, stem cells and cancer.
And the abstract imagination developed for making clothing could easily be applied to making shelter.
Standard practices can produce errors when applied to new conditions.
In each case, the refrigerating gas is absorbed until heat is applied, which raises the temperature and pressure.
The concept should be applied into a car's navigation system.
In this sense, the monetary and fiscal stimulus applied by the authorities worked.
He suggests that a thin coating of the capsules could be applied to surfaces.
When he applied, he knew no one who could advise him on how to get in.
Originally devised for a single closed economy, it can today be more realistically applied to the global economy.
Wrongly applied credit can slosh around, drive up costs and create excess capacity.
When defining the poor proved tricky, this was dropped in favour of blanket transfers to any family that applied for them.
Or students could feel the precise pressure applied by brain surgeons as they remove tumors.
And when these were finally applied to starlings, they revealed patterns known less from biology than cutting-edge physics.
For the first time ever, scientifically proven acoustical principles were applied to concert-hall design.
They heated it, added oxygen and calcium, then applied more heat and a phosphate solution.
Messenger degrades in sunlight and rain and can be applied as seldom as one or two times a year.
They forget that all political systems take their attributes from the cultures to which they are applied.
The faculty can undoubtedly be extended and applied to the smooth translation of languages.
The difference will be in the energy applied to the task.
It is not surprising, then, to learn that smartphone apps have been applied to drone technology.
Designers' art-whatever it is-has to be applied art, because nobody's wearing it otherwise.
The fur on the animals' limbs and heads was applied to a latex backing that was stretched over the puppet.
It surprised him: he hadn't even applied for the job.
In the end, although it was his for the taking, he never applied to medical school.
It was the first time the federal kidnapping statute had ever been applied to an alleged kidnapping conspiracy within a family.
It's an appealing approach when applied to landowners restoring wetlands.
Before putting journalism on trial, a more responsive standard of public interest should surely be applied.
In another experiment he applied a mild shock to people's skin and had them gesture as soon as they felt it.
He was a true lateral thinker, and applied his unique mind to a variety of problems in medicine.
For instance, the electric charges within a substance normally try to align themselves with an applied electric field.
On the moon, interferometry could also be applied to the submillimeter spectrum, halfway between radio and infrared wavelengths.
Not every student got into every program they applied for, of course, but all found places they were happy with.
It is not an application of the quantum procedure, which is a procedure that can only be applied to empirical data.
It's no thicker than a human hair and can be applied as easily as a temporary tattoo.
Standard phylogenetic methods which are applied across a range of taxa can then be turned to these two lice populations.
The power of search engines is applied to health-care data.
Maybe advancements in metal-air batteries can eventually be applied to aluminum-air batteries.
Indeed, various researchers have applied it to ranking in sports such as tennis and soccer.
When a high voltage is applied to an electrode, it generates a field.
But the same exotic tricks that apply to light can equally be applied to sound.
The researchers applied their light-trapping scheme on thin silicon cells that are about five micrometers thick.
These hybrid materials will now be applied as a coating to fabric, thereby trapping and killing deadly agents such as anthrax.
Hom applied a traditional antibiotic ointment to the wounds on the other leg.
But experts expect it to take a year for the fix to be fully applied.
To his surprise, the same principle applied in other countries too.
When clove oil is applied topically, it almost instantly relieves toothache pain.
Also, the tired meme about crony capitalism could well be applied to many modern presidencies.
When applied, it immediately cuts down on foolish impulses.
The researchers simply applied a unique multiplier to each set of data in order to come up with the estimates.
However, certain services won't be applied toward your deductible.

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