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Example sentences for applicant

One applicant causes astonishment when he knocks on the door of the school.
One new applicant causes astonishment when he knocks on the door of the school.
Each applicant also submitted a photograph that they took themselves, which illustrated the subject of their essay.
We do not share reviews with the applicant or other external reviewers.
Another applicant swung from a tree, yodeling as his loincloth flipped up in the breeze.
The applicant was forty-five years old and he obviously knew lots and lots of stuff.
Applicant must have knowledge of all surface routes from home to nearest cash machine.
But increasing the predictability for the college is precisely what reduces the predictability for the applIcant.
In a permitting action, the burden of proof is on the permit applicant to demonstrate no harm from the proposed activity.
We are writing feedback to each applicant to give a little guidance on their proposals for the future.
If otherwise, someone above them still has to decide case by case which local applicant gets what.
He begins by slicing the theoretical applicant pool into three slices.
One way to shrink your applicant pool down from the flood of resumes you received is to check credit behavior.
Presumably they would want to estimate the likelihood the applicant would be able to pay back the loans.
If he gets it wrong in a different way, tomorrow he may be fired by today's meek applicant.
The race of the applicant is not divulged to the panel.
It applies an unusual form of peer review to a process which traditionally involves only a patent applicant and an examiner.
Patent examiners typically know less about an invention than the applicant.
If an applicant meets the school's standards, a debenture places him at the head of the queue.
Saddest experience: seeing the interviewer spill a dozen applicant folders and push back papers any old how.
German visa entry requirements vary depending on an applicant's country of citizenship.
The applicant's full face must be visible in the photo.
The form takes about a half-hour to complete and requires signatures from the applicant and the applicant's employer or sponsor.
Be clear among yourselves about what will be communicated to an applicant who asks why she received a regret letter.
The successful applicant will be expected to develop scholarly projects related to human anatomy and/or educational research.
The applicant must provide leadership in curriculum design.
The submission of a complete application packet is the responsibility of the applicant.
It's fine if an applicant mentions an early inspiration.
The applicant comes across as a teacher who uses technology, not as a technologist who happens to teach.
She tries to give each applicant the same consideration she would want in their shoes.
Review of applications begins immediately and will continue until an adequate applicant pool is established.
Each applicant's record of and potential for research will be evaluated.
Salary commensurate with the education and experience of the applicant.
The admission officer responds she will do it, but that it will look unusual to the applicant's high school.
We also look for signs that a writer doesn't really know the applicant.
Otherwise, the system will not be able to locate you as a previous applicant.
They will also be shared with each applicant following the reviews.
Eligible closing costs and lender fees may be included in the loan or paid by the applicant.

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