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If you have a vision or mission statement, review it and see whether it is still applicable.
But, he said, lessons from men's physiology may be applicable to women.
But, more legitimately, people in real fields where this is really applicable have been contacting me.
That the patches are self-applicable is a huge bonus.
Although she focuses on women, much of what she says is equally applicable to men.
The design should be applicable to stickers, and possibly with small alterations to posters and T-shirts.
The lesson is applicable to anyone who sells; enthusiasm does work.
There is never one right answer applicable for everyone in every situation at all times.
Certainly this is not applicable to other cases for many reasons.
In order for somebody to obtain a patent they must have an invention that is industrially applicable.
Unlike my airfare comparison results, there are no across-the-board rules applicable to booking a hotel room online.
Rate holders and short rates will be applied when applicable.
It probably helped me in my personal life, but it's not a broad ideology applicable to society.
The importance of quality and consistency comes through in his food, and it is applicable to my business and across the industry.
Still, speculation about such matters can result in smaller insights that are applicable under real conditions.
To be honest, a sizable portion of it is not applicable to my work in science.
Those are attributes any employer values, and that are applicable to any job.
They offer insight, practical skills, and a variety of applicable suggestions for managing everyday life.
Our experience with our proprietary network is directly applicable to the public at large.
The whole point is to start people thinking more broadly about what kind of technologies are applicable.
The narrowing of focus allowed concentration on problems that were more tractable and applicable.
Sales tax, when applicable, also will be charged automatically.
If the buckets don't match, any applicable fare difference applies.
Stem cell therapy is applicable to a small segment of unfortunate patients with intractable disease.
The concept seems applicable to humans, too, because it helps to resolve a nagging flaw in average-face studies.
Cognitive and behavioral scientists are working on this, and there are maths that are applicable.
For the students on the purely academic stream it was a typical program of applicable courses and research.
And that includes admitting our mistakes, pointing out limitations wherever applicable, and separating the wheat from the chaff.
And the quantization is not applicable to neutrinos or gravity.
Organic foods must meet or exceed all federal organic regulations as well as all applicable food safety regulations.
But what to do when all our theories are applicable in our solar system and are based on concepts not universally applicable.
There's physics that is far more applicable to the students for real honest to goodness work applications.
Climate change abatement through a shift in energy policy will require globally applicable solutions.
If this method does work and is applicable to computer chips, the price of memory and other chips would decline similarly.
If any of you have a degree in anything applicable to this study, please keep posting.
It is important to note that certain aspects of the theory are applicable under limited conditions.
The phrase always reveals a goat is not really applicable to such a situation and only confuses the problem.
The same moral code is applicable to media as is applicable to doctors and lawyers.
The hardware comparison is interesting but not applicable.
We want to make libraries vibrant places that are applicable to peoples' lifestyles.
But, the lawyers on one side argue,the principle underlying the decision is applicable.
What we're doing is pretty broadly applicable to people in all different age groups and demographics and places around the world.
But the thrust of what he's saying is applicable to everyone.
The application forms formerly used will no longer be applicable.
Applicable statutory definitions of nursing practice used in advisory opinion statements.

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