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Example sentences for applicability

The fact here recognised might be of universal applicability.
One of the areas that deserves mention is the applicability of a biometric for commercial users.
As renewable applicability increases, please allow it to thrive.
The emphasis should be on the absolute value of the individual and the universal applicability of basic rights.
Each of the exceptions has its own set of conditions on its applicability, which are beyond the scope of this summary.
But this inconsistency may not be fatal inside of the applicability scope of particular theory.
Anyone who denies the applicability of evolutionary theory is, as far as can be determined, denying reality.
People can acknowledge the validity of the knowledge while ignoring the applicability to their lives.
Many of these same dynamics have social applicability.
They are following the methods and applicability of science, but aren't far enough along to be science yet.
When it does that it sometimes finds a principle of matter that has universal applicability.
Beware of studies that overstate the impact and applicability of their findings.
Scientists also address the limitations of their theories and define and try to extend the range of applicability.
We want laws to be of general applicability, good policy for everyone, and consistent with our principles.
However, you suggest that poor applicability is an inherent feature of randomised studies.
Admittedly, this exit strategy has limited applicability.
Examples abound, showing the wide applicability of their work.
Accepting the fact that any however brilliant idea has limits of its applicability is a step towards wisdom.
However, the applicability of the method remains uncertain.
The applicability of the laws the new detectives seek to enforce remains unclear.

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