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It pays to do some homework before calling an appliance repairman.
Sometimes one acquires a gadget or an appliance that changes one's life.
But consumer groups and local governments, which must clean up illegally dumped rubbish, leant heavily on the appliance makers.
Many retailers will pick up your old appliance when delivering the new one to properly dispose it.
Most require purchase of a new energy-efficient appliance and proof of recycling for the old appliance.
Before it is sprayed, the appliance must be sanded, cleaned of surface lint and primed.
Many have adopted building codes and appliance standards that dictate minimum levels of efficiency.
Consumers are often taken aback by how much appliance service technicians charge for a home visit.
But the appliance of science to politics was popular under capitalism too.
Incorrect installation can also shorten the life span of an appliance.
Moving an appliance across an uneven floor or up a flight of stairs is more difficult because you can't slide it.
If you're upgrading an appliance or gadget, see if you can donate the old one to someone who can use it.
There are a number of ways of pushing an appliance to another location without strain or backbreaking exertion.
Bleak reports from carmakers and appliance manufacturers suggest that consumers are delaying big purchases.
Finally, be practical about the size of the appliance that you select.
Avoid wasting electricity when you use any appliance.
The unchanging appliance accesses the dynamic applications of the network.
Simply switching an appliance to off may not do the trick.
When discharged batteries are kept in the equipment for a long time, leakage can occur, causing damage to the appliance.
The same surface can power a kitchen appliance without pesky cords.
But the pirate's dream appliance remains a pipe dream, and it looks likely to stay that way.
The typical hot water heater is a self-contained appliance that works automatically.
It is ultimate expression of the automobile as an appliance.
Nearly every major appliance maker is suffering a steep downturn.
There is only one appliance, a high-quality grill large enough to handle several cooking tasks at once.
Several million volts coursed through our wiring and blew out nearly every electrical appliance that was plugged in.
Buying an electronic appliance generally involves three visits, or missions.
The devices learn the power cycles of each appliance and reconfigure them to maximize collective efficiency.
How about generating some energy from the high heat available from a home heating appliance.
He has written about electronics, appliance repair and outdoor topics for a variety of publications and websites.
He has more than four years of experience in appliance and electrical repairs.
The aims is to build a kind of cloud computing appliance.
However, the appliance business has begun to pare down the high-end beauties to fit comfortably in the less-roomy kitchen.
For the appliance unit, it has been a four-year metamorphosis from dog to star.
And the personal computer may be the ultimate time-wasting appliance.
Whirlpool, the appliance maker, had long done smart-home research and pilot projects.
Buy an eligible appliance from your local retailer or contractor during the rebate period.
Or if you have a non-working appliance, we'll come and pick that up for you also.

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