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At the same time, cook the apples with the sugar, cinnamon and a bit of water until they are soft and the sauce thickens.
Cravings for homemade chili and freshly picked apples kick in.
If one apple can spoil a barrel of apples, so can one huge druggie do the same to neighbors or entire neighborhoods.
On the trees are only a few gnarled apples that the pickers have rejected.
Select eight red apples, cook in boiling water until soft, turning them often.
Core, pare, and cut apples in one-third inch slices.
To train orchards-to graft the trees-to gather apples in the fall.
UK researchers have developed a series of robots that power up by digesting sugar, rotten apples, and dead flies.
Potatoes, apples, and blueberries are other offerings of the land.
One day, each panda got apples and carrots-floating in tubs of water.
Place apples in an eight-inch-by-eight-inch baking pan, or a pottery flat-bottomed bowl.
It nuzzles our headlamps oddly, as if craving light, then reaches for our offering of apples and water.
Go to a nearby farm and pick berries, apples, or pumpkins.
In a pen on the outskirts of the village, a flock of sheep crunches mangrove propagules as if they were apples.
We see farm-raised fish for sale, also spinach, apples.
Another commenter said that there are some bad apples in with the good.
The biggest barrier to apples-to-apples comparisons is the educational product itself: the degree.
Once better known for apples the region now holds dozens of wineries.
Prone to the same diseases as fruiting apples, so shop for disease-resistant varieties.
Neighbors and tourists stock up on the last cherries and the first apples of the season.
Apples and strawberries baked with a crumbly almond- macaroon topping make a simple, tart-sweet dessert.
Low-chill varieties of apples, peaches, and plums grow throughout this zone.
Three varieties of espaliered apples form a living fence along the south side.
The sweet smell of rotten apples, for instance, indicates diabetes.
It has taken a century to pick the apples up and order them neatly again.
The comparison simply can't be made in any agreed apples-to-apples way.
Apples, wines and cheeses are available for sample and for sale.
McDonald's buys more apples than any other restaurant chain.
During fall festivals, kids bob for harvested apples or get prizes for the best-carved pumpkins or gourds.
Get those apples and oranges out of stainless steel bins and into pretty baskets.
It is no more likely than consuming red skinned apples to make your own skin pink.
If you compare apples to apples: twenty five years to twenty five years.
It doesn't always work, there are some bad apples out there, but then bad apples don't last long usually.
Ethyl acetate is an ester that is found naturally in fruits and vegetables such as bananas, apples and coffee.
Similar principles are helpful when trying to find apples in a supermarket or lost keys in our house.
Human minds effortlessly extract key characteristics common to groups of objects, he says, such as the redness of apples.
The new figure doesn't clear up the apples-to-oranges problem, however.
But it seems to me you want to compare apples and oranges.
If a capricious third party decides to sneak in extra apples every day, eventually he's going to upset the cycle.
People will always misuse technology, but you don't let a few bad apples spoil the bunch.
There were some bad apples in there, but they were mostly people you could probably depend on if you knew them personally.
Not that many hedge-fund managers, though, will be reduced to selling apples.
It's clear that this report is not comparing apples with apples.
And, please, not one of those bulk apples you buy in a plastic bag.
Or the computer might cue up some other parable about apples.
Your supermarket likely sells many varieties of apples, but when you shop for bananas you usually have one option.
We ate a few after dinner and left maybe two apples for later that evening.
The painting shows a green tree with bright-red apples.
Writer describes her college years when she at bagels, apples and noodles.
Slicing apples in the air with a samurai sword took a year.
Her students loved her and left apples and other gifts on her desk.
We stopped at a roadside stand to buy some cider and apples as a gift for my brother and his family.
They ate the sprouts of new flowers and the buds of apples and the tough leaves of oak trees and even last year's chaff.
It avoids a lot of teaching to the test and apples and oranges-type problems that plague educational data.
Add grated zucchini, carrots, or apples to plain muffin mix.
But he insists that stacking up his team next to their team is not an apples-to-apples comparison.
To a degree, you're talking about apples and oranges.
In order to compare apples to apples, you need to take population and inflation into account.
Comparing prices paid by farmers with those paid by cities is another apples-and-oranges situation.
Apples, lettuce, and tomatoes are to be among the first crops.
Halve apples lengthwise and remove core with a melon-ball cutter or a paring knife.
Take a sip of the dry concoction, and semi-tart apples segue into bananas.
Apples-even organic, locally grown ones-raise the suspicion of needles and razor blades.
Pies today are world-spanning treats, made with everything from apples to avocados.
School lunch apples could make fruit haters of us all.
There are good apples however, and it's up to them to bring the integrity back.
Apples--tasty, crunchy, sweet-- they're a favorite snack to eat.
Apples are coated to improve their shine because consumers prefer to buy shiny apples.
As apples ripen, the starch in the fruit changes to sugar, making the fruit sweet.
Beans that don't have to be soaked, apples that don't turn brown, and other wonders from the food technology conference.
The problem is that we're talking about apples and oranges.
Comparing studies is often an exercise in comparing apples and oranges.
And it works not only for cloth, plastic wrap, and other fabrics but also for shriveled apples and people's faces.
Comparing aggregate consumer spending to federal budget outlays on a specific agency is comparing apples to triangles.
It must be species vs species, or it is apples and oranges.
It's too bad those other rotten apples stink up the barrel.
Apples and oranges perhaps, but it still strikes me as odd.
Comparing biology with cosmology is almost apples and oranges.
To make what is likely a few bad apples into the cause for killing a bill is nuts.

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