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Example sentences for applauded

Relieved at the change of mood, the audience applauded.
He applauded any new attempt to use modeling as a means to root out the causes of the mammoth's extinction.
Audiences applauded our performance, and our producer received positive feedback from various festival organizers.
The adults in the room applauded both correct answers.
After he finished, the children applauded and jostled to shake my hand.
We applauded our bus driver down below and made peace with our various gods.
Advances in bio fuel technology aught to be applauded, even if bio fuels out pace solar for energy in transportation markets.
Whatever excites the mind into a state of fervor, whatever powerfully awakens the feelings, is listened to and applauded.
The choice was applauded by that prince, and also by the bishops and nobility of the whole kingdom.
The frogs applauded the speech of their king, and straightway they went to their armor and their weapons.
The king readily nominated him to that dignity, and all parties concerned applauded the choice.
The people applauded my victory with loud acclamations.
The audience applauded, laughed at the moment when the rocket struck the eye of the moon.
Caught off guard, the world flinched and applauded, and it went on applauding to the end.
It was confusing, but the audience applauded wildly.
The audience applauded and cheered from time to time, but it was cheerless.
But when he made his apple pie veterans remarks, they all stood up and applauded.
The fact that there is now some effort to recognize the value of teaching should be applauded, not derided.
Leading members of both political parties applauded the move.
He could have said the same thing anytime in the past century and been applauded for it.
Listeners who were equally annoyed by their neighbors' unmuted hacking applauded when he stepped off the podium.
Many people rose to their feet and applauded, as they did at the end, an uninterrupted three hours and forty-five minutes later.
On some level, such transparency should be applauded.
He smiled, a little teary, and stepped down as his fellow geologists stood and applauded.
If their efforts pan out, they will be applauded rather than jailed, for their targets are neither humans nor buildings.
It has achieved the opposite and should be applauded.
She stuttered through her acceptance speech, and lost her place when the audience applauded.
The audience, happy to do its part, applauded heartily through numerous curtain calls.
People applauded during the movie and when it ended.
Civil rights groups applauded the proposal, but cautioned that it was not a complete victory for online privacy.
As journalists applauded, jostling photographers had to be restrained from rushing the podium.
The decision to postpone construction has been applauded by many environmental groups.
While your correspondent applauded the idea at the time, he nevertheless dismissed it as pure science-fiction.
Bringing the chief perpetrators to book and creating a new system of law must surely be applauded.
The occasional half-step across that ill-defined line is tolerated, indeed applauded at times.
Whether this should be applauded or not is a continuing argument.
The coalition should be applauded for making more economic data available.
Sometimes the coppers are applauded for their toughness.
Everyone applauded-and everyone knew the ceremony was irrelevant.
Though applauded by human-rights groups, it has proved unworkable, for two main reasons.
Torture by the police is rarely punished and often applauded as the only alternative to anarchy.
But whatever one's views of euthanasia, openness is surely to be applauded.
The proliferation of machinery such as fancy scanners, once applauded, is now criticised as a main cause of runaway health costs.
Shopkeepers and pedestrians applauded here and there.
He simply applauded the court for upholding the rule of law.
Once again, editorialists and human rights advocates applauded the ruling.
Convince her to join the party, and you'll be applauded for your efforts.
She applauded and applauded, and didn't seem to mind that the aisles were again jammed with people gawking at her.
The company applauded loudly, but my right shoulder seared with pain.
We all applauded for this wonderful old granny with blood practically dripping off of her.
Outside the hotel, the crowd applauded bedizened revelers as they issued from the endless caravan of limos.
His words were manna to the desperate crowds, who cheered and wept and applauded.
The crowd applauded at the exact moments you'd suspect they would applaud.
Trainers applauded bladder control and cursed those who didn't get it.
Consumer advocates have applauded the bank's moves on debit cards and foreclosures.
Specific projects and themes are introduced, but individuality is always applauded.
As he was escorted out of the courtroom to a nearby federal jail, victims in the packed courtroom applauded.

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