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Example sentences for appetizing

Nothing more appetizing than a bare-legged ragamuffin appears.
They returned with appetizing legends of hot breakfast in hospitable abodes, or scanty fare given grudgingly in hostile ones.
Yet, constantly moving around the country is not appetizing.
The vegetable's taste is described as an appetizing mixture of its kin: garlicky onion.
Apart from being delicious, the prices are also appetizing.
Wherever she drives, she's trailed by the appetizing odor of egg rolls.
Yet beneath this upper crust of high culture there simmers a less appetizing stew.
Even skinless chicken breasts can be made appetizing through the magic of smoke and spicy marinade.
Three staterooms have their own bathrooms, and the crew prepares appetizing meals with good wine.
There are many appetizing selections on the small plate menu for you.
The garlic soup was laden with oil and not appetizing.
Visually inspects all foods sent from kitchen to make sure plates are clean and appetizing.
Offenders are served three nutritional, appetizing and varied meals each day.
Our agency provides older persons with nutritionally balanced and appetizing meals.
By planting a wide variety of native plants, you are likely to have some plants that are less appetizing to wandering herbivores.
Use a fresh vegetable platter or fruit salad as a colorful, appetizing, and tasty centerpiece at your next gathering.
It is readily available and can be served in a variety of appetizing ways.
It is delicious and nutritious and an appetizing new way to get kids to eat healthy.
Yet an enterprising few have attempted to create appetizing snake dishes.
Horseradish is grown for its enlarged taproot, which is used as an appetizing condiment for meats and fish.
Neither bath harms the pleasant fragrance or appetizing, slightly firm texture of the fruit.
When reduced to meal and cooked as cereal, it is both nourishing and appetizing.
Those meals, as well as the standard meals, should be appetizing.
Meals and snacks shall be appetizing, nutritious, and adequate.
Prepare wholesome, appetizing meals and nourishments for hospitalized patients seven days a week.
Meals and snacks are appetizing, nutritious, and adequate.

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