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Full of fresh, green flavors, these wraps can be a light appetizer or a meal.
For example, sushi, which is offered in one appetizer at each meal.
Start off your meal with an appetizer such as chicken satay, fried tofu with peanut sauce or a hearty serving of duck noodle soup.
Raw green peppers can be eaten plain as a snack or an appetizer, and sliced or chopped to add to salads.
Serve in appetizer portions with chips, or drain well and pile onto chips to make canapés.
Hardboiled eggs cut in half and topped with salmon caviar are a common appetizer.
With some rustic sourdough bread, it made a delicious appetizer for our dinner.
There are appetizer restaurants, and entree restaurants.
Dress up these cakes with salsa and sour cream and serve as an appetizer.
It's fun, but relatively understated and surprisingly clinical, a mere appetizer to the feast ahead.
So is ordering an appetizer or an entree, but not both.
It won't satisfy players wanting a long, heavy-strategy game, but even in those cases it makes for a great appetizer.
Crunchy hazelnuts gave zip to a delicate but slightly mushy appetizer of figs stuffed with goat cheese.
Diners who spread it on the bread, bruschetta style, will have all the appetizer they need.
The last makes an excellent appetizer all by itself.
Drizzle olive oil over the cheese, sprinkle it with dried herbs, and serve as an appetizer spread with sliced baguettes.
Half-orders of pasta are sufficient as an appetizer for two.
Warm and crispy veggie fritters accompanied by a crisp seasonal salad makes for a lovely autumn appetizer.
We sampled it as an appetizer and found it exemplary.
She also alerted a diner who had ordered a salad appetizer to the fact that his entree had a salad component.
Brunch might begin with an appetizer of leek salad, salmon mousse or country pate.
Remove the fish with a slotted spatula to a warm serving platter or warm individual appetizer or dinner plates.
My favorite appetizer was the shaved pancetta pizza with wild mushrooms.
The appetizer of rock shrimp fritters in a rémoulade sauce was served lukewarm, without much flavor.
For an appetizer, try adding smoked catfish or trout with a little freshly grated horseradish.
Perhaps an appetizer and a dinner salad is all you really need.
Warm this salad slightly and serve small spoonfuls on crisp arugula or mesclun greens as an appetizer.
If you made my honey cake and have some extra honey around, here's a super easy appetizer that works its charms year-round.
Most appetizer menus are much more interesting than their main-course cousins.
Packaged with vegetables, it makes a quick appetizer.
For an appetizer, cook potstickers as directed in salad recipe.
Adds some toasts and a little mascarpone, and you've got quite the snazzy little appetizer.
We'd been planning to make a wondrous appetizer with them.
For an appetizer, choose from delicacies such as red bean soup or house-smoked salmon.
Dave came out with the appetizer cart, which was identical to what they served as the appetizer on the outbound.
The menu incorporates many seafood options as well, such as coconut battered shrimp for an appetizer and tuna steak for an entree.
The extensive appetizer and bar menus offer starters in food and spirits.
Follow the light appetizer with an entrée of steak, chicken, seafood or vegetables served with homemade fondue dipping sauces.
Start off with an appetizer such as potato hoppers, cheesy garlic bread, fried mushrooms or the spinach cheese pot.
The restaurant features a three course fixed price menu, allowing diners to choose an appetizer, main course and dessert.
Try the jumbo-sized shrimp for an appetizer and the redfish entree with pesto.
Wings, a crab pretzel, chili and cheese sticks highlight the appetizer menu.
Appetizer, salad and dessert courses are all the chef's choice, and there are three entree selections to choose from.
Appetizer selections include roasted peppers with anchovies, baked clams, stuffed mushrooms and fried zucchini.
Oysters, crab cakes and calamari are all on the appetizer list, with fried and wood-fired seafood on the entree menu.
The appetizer menu includes items such as two different types of macaroni and cheese.
Each is sold with a matching beaded canapé knife or appetizer fork.
Delightful as an appetizer, in a salad and as a side-dish.
The medium-size artichokes are recommended for eating with sauces as an appetizer.
Please bring a hearty appetizer, main dish or side dish to share.
Order an appetizer-sized portion or a side dish instead of an entrée.
But you can mix and match this appetizer using a different variety of apples and cheeses.

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Christianity has enriched the erotic meal with the appetizer of curiosity and spoiled it with the dessert o... more
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