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Example sentences for appease

We've got a double-barrel blast of reviews to appease your gadget lust.
It is not clear whether the new appointments will appease the company's critics.
On this coast old stone monuments appease the spirits of dead whales.
In this eccentric tale, a grandfather changes his wish for youth in order to appease his grandson.
Quick let's say something to appease the masses.
Her acquisitive tendencies get out of hand, however, as her family goes to ridiculous lengths to appease her.
Some hotels that are under renovation are trying new tricks to appease guests.
The ruling family has taken some steps to appease the protesters.
That should appease them.
That makes them harder to identify, appease and control.
Concerts often lasted for hours, but they included encores to appease the roaring applause.
To maintain the cycle of night and day, rulers performed rituals to appease the gods.
Its really political bs, put in place to appease the environmentalists.
The world doesn't have to appease your sense of what's right and wrong.
Believers tossed goats, geese, and monkeys into the mud to appease the dragon supposedly disturbed by drilling.
Oddly, campus leaders often appear to appease naysayers rather than support proponents of healthier campuses.
The company has built a number of safeguards into the product itself to appease privacy wonks as well.
But only a handful of fans have seen the movie's original ending, which was trimmed to appease squeamish test audiences.
It was almost as though they had cooked something up to appease the gods of marketing.
It is not added to appease kids, its there to appease fans.
The student will have to write for what they don't believe in to appease the teacher.
All those goods that travelled thither were offerings to appease the shades.
It is far more likely to enflame than appease his critics.
Firms often aim to restrain their rivals by tying them up in lawsuits or forcing them to make concessions to appease regulators.
To appease the students, the college principal was fired.
The president also promised not to run again in four years, hoping to appease his opponents.
And start writing for the average readers, not with the view to appease the moneyed interests.
The president has raised government salaries and various subsidies to appease the populace.
Fast-food hours accommodate odd shifts and offer playrooms to appease screaming children and give moms a break.
There are those who would argue that these represent mere words, chosen carefully to appease a potentially suspicious audience.
He hoped to both appease her tortured soul and protect the island from further evil.
Offerings of food were made to appease potentially threatening spirits.
We will never mislead in order to appease the customer.
But putting these programs on the chopping block to appease those obstructing a debt ceiling extension is unacceptable.
Festivals and shrines celebrate and appease the spirits.
To appease local energy consumers, the government has maintained high-energy subsidies for the country's energy consumers.

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