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To a mosquito, exercise makes you far more appealing than a couch potato.
Picture a college student appealing for a higher grade in his professor's office.
The obverse of these desirable characteristics looks less appealing.
Gyms, even when free, haven't proven to be appealing.
Both sweet and sour cherries are appealing choices for the home garden.
It's a clever and astonishingly original puzzle with an amusing and appealing design.
The freedom from commitment that makes online faith communities appealing also can make them isolating and misleading.
Point and counterpoint is an appealing construct when it comes to movie reviews, sports predictions, and even politics.
So seeking an end to the current bear market by appealing to valuation measures may not work.
The ecologically interested traveler has no shortage of appealing destinations.
Crime reduction policies should be based on what works rather than what is politically appealing.
The picture of benign, even joyful and ever-increasing involvement of technology in human life is appealing.
Springdale is a lot more appealing than many of the tourist towns that have sprouted up on the edges of national parks.
Maybe because they're not overly appealing options from a business perspective.
There's something appealing about writing out one's to-do list on a post-it note.
But much more important was what should happen to the votes cast for the many other politicians appealing against bans.
The charity is appealing for help for the animals made homeless by the earthquake and tsunami.
Indeed, pharmaceutical companies should find the large number of genes involved in fat moderation appealing.
The idea of traveling on foot with a knowledgeable friend through a rustic landscape in a high-tech country was greatly appealing.
The dramatic transformation gives the garden an appealing sense of discovery and maximizes its potential.
There's something deeply appealing about brain scans.
Whether a heavy teaching load with not a lot of inspiring students is appealing is up to your discretion.
Looking for alien life is an appealing goal, but a tremendously challenging one.
But these flowers would not make an appealing bouquet.
After giving it some thought, you would perhaps start by appealing to some shared experience.
Personally, the idea doesn't sound that appealing to me anyway.
Throughout the day, there are three trains per hour, making rail travel even more appealing for those with inflexible schedules.
For some reason, people find the idea of a production economy intuitively appealing.
Sea star skin is calcified to make the relatively sedentary animal a less appealing meal.
What is more, high and wildly fluctuating prices for oil and natural gas have made renewable alternatives more appealing.
Many genres of music hold many different appealing tastes for many different people.
Eco treks involve excursions to exotic, endangered or otherwise appealing locations.
The proposition that genetics can help explain the level of popularity is pretty appealing.
There s no guarantee of flowering or fruiting indoors, though plants are still appealing.
Perhaps this dichotomy is precisely what makes puzzles so appealing.
Information is laid out in a thoughtful way that is also aesthetically appealing.
It is certainly an appealing concept as simple burning seems in some sense wasteful.
The trick is making it look so appealing and relaxing.
The characters and personalities are well designed and look appealing.
Heller is a worthy subject, complicated and appealing.
M dwarfs are particularly appealing targets because of their cool temperature.
My office is freezing right now, so a toasty beverage is particularly appealing.
With budgets tight, private-sector innovations are even more appealing.
It was an okay plot and everything, but the way it was written was not as appealing as it could have been.
One of the main appealing properties of oil painting are the glazes.
It makes the oversaturated zombie genre seem appealing again.
Starting my own business is starting to look really appealing.
All of a sudden, juggling dangerous logging equipment while running seems almost appealing.
In a sea of floating voters much depends on a party having appealing leadership.
Tell students to try to make the area sound as appealing as possible.
So its something we're all appealing to and thinking about, but not necessarily able to even comprehend, much less talk about.
But in the end, as the music industry has learned to its chagrin, piracy is always more appealing.
Not only do clients lack appealing alternatives, but so do employees.
Lightweight materials are particularly appealing for plug-in vehicles, which carry hefty lithium-ion battery packs.
The game also manages the rare trick of appealing to all age groups.
Firms that use a mix of strategies to appeal to all customers might end up appealing to none.
But risk-sharing looks much less appealing when issuers are defaulting.
On one level, they are appealing because they make us feel smart.
For utilities, reducing consumption means reducing revenues, hardly an appealing prospect.
To make it appealing for adults, the drama had to work on its own.
But this remains a fascinating work, appealing in isolated moments on a first hearing and promising more on renewed acquaintance.
Which is also why counseling in general seemed more appealing as it allows for outside employment as well.
But after more than a year of stalemate, the prospect of getting back any money at all is appealing.
Don't dawdle if any of these outfits look appealing.
It's especially appealing to hobbyists due to its low price.
What the candidates should be doing is appealing to younger crowds through education.
The anxiety about indebtedness makes inflation seem all the more appealing.
Spring wildflowers and fall foliage make these especially colorful and appealing seasons.
Some people may latch on to a few because they find them appealing.
The idea of locally grown food is appealing but there is a reason why it went out of style.
Tariffs on foreign goods would be not only politically appealing but would also have the benefit of affecting the poor most.
The beauty and novelty of the big, appealing pop-outs make this book a treasure that children will want to open again and again.
Care will be required to maintain values appealing to visitors.
The company is appealing that decision in federal court.
Usually this will transmute a seemingly dull play into a living, appealing work of art.
On a purely visual level, they are appealing for the same reasons their subject matter is: they look delicious.
The absence of flesh-and-blood animals actually made shells more appealing, for a highly practical reason.
But the birds themselves seem to find each other somewhat less than appealing.
And what's appealing is a matter of considerable subjectivity.
Part of that process is appealing to younger people.
It is appealing to be able to work in a company full-time with benefits and such, rather than taking contract work.
When the economy isn't hiring, coops are eminently appealing as full-time engineering jobs are scarce.
The truth is that for many faculty members, the presidency would not be appealing.
While this flexibility is appealing, it can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.
The idea that a part of the body serves as a reserve for the flora of our guts is appealing.
What makes this concept so appealing is its relatively inexpensive cost to placing items in space.
It's an appealing business model, particularly in recessionary times.
But it's also true that consumers often find bundles appealing.
Bipartisanship is a fine sentiment and an appealing tactic, but where health care is concerned it was never a great idea.
He had always been appealing, even seductive, in the photos from his younger days.
Internal monitoring could be an appealing alternative.
People seemed to be suppressing their indignant reaction in order to accept a reward that was inequitable but appealing.
Obviously, if you spend more energy to convert it than it yields, its much less appealing as a course of action.
The picture is powerful and appealing, but not all origin-of-life researchers are convinced.
But even if antibiotic-resistant bacteria were not such a burgeoning threat, phage therapy would still be appealing.
Obviously the idea is appealing or plausible in some way.
For now, it seems the art of marketing products that supposedly make us more visually appealing needs no neuroscientific support.
The composites of the beautiful people were rated more appealing than those made from the larger, random population.
He had stunning intuition for appealing style and the right balance of simplicity and capability.
By appealing to the exponential growth in universes, you are explicitly making reference to a counting measure.
The question is whether appealing to it is anything more than pandering.
And the pressure-cooker models are definitely appealing, since they allow you to make rice and beans in one shot.
Either way, he sprays the chicken with sake before grilling, which gives it an appealing sheen.
Instead, some curiously antiseptic dialogue defines two understandable but not especially appealing people.
Junk situations can look appealing and seductive, but junk is junk.
What makes the city even more appealing is the ease in getting around.
In his world, lessons were delivered with sharp lyrics, appealing music and repartee.
But for bridge to be viable it needs to be appealing all across the country.
Mobile phone and car companies have cottoned on, with ads appealing to the self-made.
Since then, as global markets have collapsed, it has only become more appealing.
The arguments for strategic status, though politically appealing, are questionable.
By appealing to a wider audience, they were able to increase their circulation and hence their advertising revenue.
But other installations were considerably less appealing to this reviewer.
They are less rich than financial-services firms and less appealing to politicians than technology companies.
The online retailer, determined to see four years' worth of discovery and depositions receive an airing in court, is appealing.
Environmentally and nutritionally, insects are more appealing than meat: you get more for less.
And if consumers become more price-sensitive, e-books may become more appealing.
Now, once again, politicians are appealing to the desire to expel and remove bad elements from society.
It's an appealing idea because it provides a new, well defined target for treatment.
In getting to know one another before meeting face to face, people can weigh appearance against other appealing traits.
The technique is not only visually appealing, but also has elements of the dramatic and emotional at times.
In the past several years, air travel has become more hectic and less appealing for some travelers.
Of course, the laid-back atmosphere, year-round mild climate and easy travel also are appealing.
It's tough, stringy and far less appealing than the more tender meat of broiler chickens.
Many families who cannot afford private colleges now have appealing alternatives at public universities.
It's not clear if exercise in general or walking specifically was responsible for making chocolate less appealing.
Third, it's mastered the elusive art of appealing to both partiers and grannies.
They need to get things under control as quickly as possible, appealing for foreign help if need be.
The idea of a free-range animal is appealing in so many ways.
The shift would employ more people while providing better, more appealing jobs.
His theory is appealing in the sense that it pushes us in the direction of a rounder view of human merit.
It was undeniably if darkly appealing in its lethality.
There is something appealing, even intoxicating, about a vision of human freedom unfettered by the given.
His emphasis on the vagaries of life was all the more appealing within his circle because of his jauntiness and verve.
But from the point of view of the drug companies, it's easy to see why moving clinical trials overseas is so appealing.
The noodles: smooth on the intake with an appealing chew.
Everyone will find you appealing and romance is a definite possibility.
To many of us, as the peak vacation season draws near, travel may seem a less appealing prospect than it has ever been.
In this new era, a predictable salary is more appealing than the chance of scoring big with bonuses and stock options.
Most important, it was sustained by appealing not to what scared us but rather to what elevated us.
Find detailed technical and regulatory information on appealing health plan decisions.
If you have health insurance, you may need help using your insurance or appealing a health plan decision.
To appeal you can write to the department stating that you are appealing a determination.
The facts presented do not meet penalty relief criteria and the taxpayer indicates a desire for appealing the decision.

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