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However, interest from contemporary movie stars broadened the appeal of the car beyond that of a racing vehicle.
Ordinarily, the prisoner whose appeal is being heard is present in court.
This isn't going to appeal to everybody.
The Rockies have unique appeal for hikers, climbers, and bikers.
Under the civil law, courts of appeal are authorized to make independent findings of fact with respect to sentences.
For her and team members, the site has a subtle yet powerful appeal.
Despite the appeal, however, even those players have landed only a handful of long-term deals.
The fading appeal of the boardroom.
She adds that the film also has wide appeal in age and gender.
The natural aesthetic appeal continues to be a major draw.
They must appeal to as many voters as possible.
It just seems to appeal to the modern palette.
Choose no more than three or four colors that appeal to you.
Sleek and colorful toys appeal to shoppers of all ages.
The building has lost little of its impact or appeal over the years, despite being frequently copied.
The main appeal to the eye in public playhouses before the rebellion was made by the costumes of actors.
All these make their particular appeal, and even to indicate the character of each would be impossible in these pages.
Nor was the ready appeal to the stage limited to martial themes.
They are universal in appeal, and almost universal in actual occurrence wherever folklore has been collected.
The first appeal is to the body that turned the candidate down.
Grappling with a different culture is often part of the challenge, and appeal, of teaching abroad.
He also said professors denied leave could appeal the decision to him.
Their lawyers, who have argued that the anti-hazing law is inconsistently applied, plan to appeal the convictions.
She knew that there were some options in industry for linguists, but they did not appeal to her.
Integration has less appeal when pain rather than prosperity is ricocheting across borders.
Yet the ever-increasing supply of content tailored to every taste seems not to have dented the appeal of the blockbuster.
Besides, sophisticated manufacturing tends to be less labour-intensive, reducing the appeal of low-wage countries.
Political theorists dismiss her as a shallow thinker whose appeal is restricted to adolescents.
The theoretical appeal of solar energy is glaring: it is clean and ubiquitous.
Instead, he appointed a cabinet designed to appeal to investors.
Space and dinosaurs are popular, but they don't appeal to everyone.
The official flatware, ashtrays and such will probably appeal to antiques dealers.
What gives so many of these objects a special appeal is their connection to daily life and human action.
Nor did it appeal to my sense of adventure and exploration.
They had snob appeal, since only the richest of the rich could afford them.
Over the past few years, biofuels have acquired an almost magical appeal for environmentalists and investors alike.
Along with their artisan appeal, the availability of bamboo makes these bikes an ideal cottage industry for the developing world.
Mostly it is because there is nothing on the reservations that appeal to the younger generation.
Art and science do appeal to some of the same creative instincts.
As a figurative painter coming up in an age of abstraction, he had the appeal of the eccentric.
Such broad vision holds tremendous appeal for the makers--and users--of artificial lenses.
Seriously--any species lost largely due to its lack of good looks and appeal can be solely blamed on us.
For researchers the appeal lies in the data each game generates.
First continues to enjoy the intellectual appeal of difficult cases.
And asking me to post my credentials is again, the appeal to authority.
BP launched its own appeal within a week of the explosion, sparking thousands of submissions from around the world.
Brightly colored vegetables or those cut into familiar shapes also appeal to children.
Pick your shades based purely on café appeal and you'll be fine.
Her life, her politics, and her romantic encounters have given her a magical appeal that has captivated the world ever since.
One of the roadblocks to the market appeal of vegetable-based lubricants is their unreliability at both high and low temperatures.
And part of its appeal is due to his gracefulness as a writer keenly attuned to revealing dialogue and telling detail.
Everything from produce to beauty supplies to clothing carries labels that appeal to the health conscious or eco-friendly shopper.
The sheets had also been reorganized in a random pattern-possibly to boost buyer appeal by putting better pages on top.
As people have become increasingly urban, the appeal of the country home has grown, too.
Compact construction and all-age appeal make it an ideal travel game for the whole family.
Maintenance of these treasures can be difficult and expensive, but their high appeal to tourists helps to keep them running.
First there are the ones that appeal to typography nerds because of their creator, history, mathematical beauty or whatnot.
Sending updates to certain groups of people and not to others is the main appeal of the service.
And part of its appeal is the clean, line-in-a-field-of-white interface.
The speed and simplicity of the recipes will appeal to newbie cooks, but kitchen pros will get a lot out of this book as well.
And it's specifically designed to appeal to foodies.
The musical selections for the president's campaign events seem carefully calibrated to appeal to a wide range of voters.
Staying home did not appeal to him, and he was writing every day.
In the first place, it is not easy in type to appeal to any other sense than that of sight.
The appeal is strong, invigorating, and should be acknowledged.
He catapulted over the others with the same tough-talking, plain-spoken appeal that he is making today.
Personalized insurance would have considerable marketing appeal, and offers several subtle advantages.
The longevity of this beloved series has been a mystery to many critics, but its appeal has been undeniable.
Self-deprecation is an essential part of her appeal, too.
This, by the way, explains the appeal of the military flight suit.
The group's goal is to broaden the appeal of the environmental movement and, at the same time, bring jobs to poor neighborhoods.
Inventing a sweetener with even a little of sugar's appeal is one of the hardest tasks in food science.
Inspiring to think of them being cleaned up, but this new type of beach will not appeal to everyone.
If you think that physical appeal is strictly a matter of personal taste and cultural bias, think again.
They appeal to people in many ways because they represent a fusion of science, technology, natural chaos and art.
Because of that deep appeal, the idea of exoskeletons is far from new.
They can change a host's looks or scent to appeal to a predator.
From planning an outdoor wedding to ending droughts and floods, the appeal is obvious.
So my doctor sent in an appeal, using the cyst to demonstrate medical necessity.
Appeal to the basic childlike curiosity in each one of us.
Sports are not sports because of the appeal they may have to viewers.
There's nothing magical about the appeal of a flying car, he notes.
Many businesses are trying out new strategies that appeal to the better nature of their customers.
Nevertheless, its aesthetic appeal has won it many converts among astronomers.
Perhaps an appeal for some of the scientists that worked at the now closed down plant would help.
He subsequently readjusted his style to appeal to a different more widespread set of voters and the results are before us.
As you know, this will always be a balance between what is actually in the research and what will appeal to the general public.
The appeal of computer gaming is the personal involvement the students have in the tasks on the screens.
Perhaps e-paper's biggest appeal is that when the current switches off, the image remains fixed.
However, given the limited places these could be of use will limit their market appeal considerably.
HP also needs to get developers on board, since apps are a big part of any device's appeal these days.
So if a city had been in a particular mood over the entire summer your ads would want to appeal to that mood.
While the test was developed for use in poor countries, it might ultimately find appeal elsewhere as well.
Much of the appeal of the company has been its long-term goal of making electric vehicles affordable.
The appeal of this is it's one way and can be installed easily.
He transformed his image, gave him public appeal, his charisma.
He also sought to perpetuate that appeal for posterity.
But these remarks, which appeal piously to history, are made in a historical vacuum.
Ralph for his part feels the growing challenge, and appeal, of impending manhood.
Sheer rhetorical facility, whatever its appeal, need not denote originality and depth of content.
So there can be no question that the book's popular appeal is deep and authentic.
But whereas they, in one form or another, appeal to tradition.
Brown then took the case back to the district court, where he lost, as he did at the appeal level.
And yet the early signs suggest that the royals' appeal remains resilient.
Ironically, his appeal to bigness of brain is a prime example of confusing a byproduct with an adaptation.
Much of it, however, requires no such appeal for caution on the reader's part.
Conspiracy theories are rarely true, even though they have great appeal and are often widely believed.
But the real appeal of the setting was something more enduring.
Still others try to appeal to their employees' better instincts.
He was thus forced to appeal to the white racists for protection, which was their recruitment plan in the first place.
The producers used their traditional casting formula to appeal to a broader audience.
If you do not agree with our decision, you can appeal-that is, ask us to look at your case again.
Your appeal may go faster if your doctor signs your appeal saying that it is an emergency.

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