apparition in a sentence

Example sentences for apparition

The apparition was not frightening.
There is now a prowlike apparition visible onscreen that shows where the virtual craft is headed.
Yet I was greatly disturbed at the apparition.
The apparition is a man wearing 19th-century clothing and smoking a pipe.
Frightened by the apparition, the king ordered his astrologers to explain the inscription; but they were unable to read it.
The apparition informed us he had more right to the path than any folks living.
She became a kind of weekend and holiday apparition.
He came toward me, a blurred figure looming like a dark apparition.
She's so disconnected from the story and the other actors, she might as well be a gorgeous apparition.
Not a person then, but an apparition.
The water was murky, which only added to the mood of unworldly discovery this bizarre apparition is clearly meant to impart.
Her existence as a silhouette, an untouchable presence--or rather, apparition--reinforces the idea of virtue.
Instead, she was an apparition born of the darkness and to the darkness returning.
At first, the apparition is happy to be free of his physical constraints and is raring to change the fortunes of any and all.
In addition, data regarding age of apparition of this complication are missing, making repeated screening necessary.

Famous quotes containing the word apparition

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